b"MET 1214 - Medicalradiologic and sonographic studies,reports dealing with management of Business Practicesperforming ECGs, preparing andthe medical practice. (4,2,4) administering medications as directed by the physician, and providingMET 2234 - Medical Credit(s): 4mobility assistance. (3,2,2) Insurance This course presents the administrative medical assistantMET 1413 - Medical Law Credit(s): 4 procedures with office managementand Ethics written and oral communications.The purpose of this course is to Emphasis is placed on clericalCredit(s): 3acquaint the student with different functions, billing,collecting,types of insurance plans including bookkeeping, and creating andThis course covers medical law,commercial plans, government plans, maintaining medical records. The goalethics, and bioethics; the legaldisability, worker's compensation, and is to provide the student with practicerelationship of the physician andmanaged care plans. Practical situations through demonstration andpatient; the legal responsibilities ofapproach to insurance billing, basic simulated office settings utilizingthe healthcare team including themedical and insurance abbreviations, electronic health-care record software.patient; and the importance ofterminology, and ICD-9CM and CPT (4,3,2)professional liability. (3,3,0)coding will be presented. (4,3,2) MET 1313 - ClinicalMET 1513 - PharmacologyMET 2334 - Medical Procedures Ifor Medical Asst.Laboratory for Medical Assistants Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4 The purpose of this course is toThis course reflects basic theory and introduce the student to basic clinicalclinical information related to drugsThis course covers techniques of the skills, Occupational Safety and Healthincluding classifications, source,clinical laboratory including Administration (OSHA) standards,dosages and measurements, regulatorycompetent use of the microscope and infection control, vital signs, patientrequirements, and basic principles ofunderstanding the theory and preparation, and assisting withdrug administration. At all times,knowledge of the common laboratory examinations, emphasizing thesafety is emphasized for the healthtests performed in the physician's importance of being proficient in allprofessional administering theoffice. Students will develop these areas. This course also providesmedication and the patients receivingproficiency in laboratory and quality students with opportunities to practicethe medication. Accuracy is stressed.assurance procedures including and demonstrate proficiency in(3,3,0)collection, preparation and processing simulated settings and check-offs.of specimens. urinalysis, hematology, (3,2,2) Prerequisite: MET 1113, METMET 2224 - Computerand accurate reporting of test results. 1513, and CPR-Health Care Provider(4,3,2) certificationConcepts for Medical Assistants MET 2613 - Clinical Review MET 1323 - Clinical Procedures IICredit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3 This course will introduce students to Credit(s): 3the capabilities of a medical practiceThis summary course is designed to management software program typicalreview the skills, knowledge, and This course is a continuation ofof those currently used in doctor'sabilities acquired during the Clinical Procedures I and will furtheroffices. After completion of thisdidacticum. This course will serve to the student's knowledge of the morecourse, students will have knowledgeassist the student in preparing for the complex activities encountered in theabout working with patients accounts,certification exam, with a review of physician's office. The clinical dutiesinsurance claim forms, and handlingcritical clinical skills and professional include maintaining surgical asepsis,development issues. (3,3,0) instructing patients in preparation for 321"