b'MET 2716 - PracticumMFL 1223 - Spanish IIgrammar. Prerequisite: MFL 2113. One laboratory hour per week. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 6Credit(s): 3 MFL 2213 - Spanish III This course includes supervisedMFL 1223 continues MFL 1213 with experience in medical offices towider vocabulary and more complexCredit(s): 3 provide the student with astructures and functions. Prerequisite: comprehensive application ofMFL 1213 or 1 year of previousMFL 2213 continues MFL 1223 with administrative and clinical skills. Thislanguage study. One laboratory houradditional materials of literary and course is designed to give the studentper week. (3,3,0)cultural value.Prerequisite: MFL an oppoetunity to discuss, evaluate,1213 and MFL 1223 or two years high and share learning experiences and toMFL 1413 - Japanese Ischool Spanish. One laboratory hour strengthen learning situations broughtper week. (3,3,0) up in the practicum setting. (6,1,15) Credit(s): 3 MFL 2223 - Spanish IV Modern ForeignEmphasizes conversational Japanese Language (MFL)based on Ramaji text. Includes studyCredit(s): 3 of basic grammar, hiragana, katakana, and introduction of basic kanji. (3,3,0)MFL 2223 continues MFL 2213 with MFL 1113 - French Iadditional literary and cultural MFL 1423 - Japanese IIreadings and compositions as well as Credit(s): 3a review of essential elements of grammar. Prerequisite: MFL 2213. Credit(s): 3 An oral-aural approach, stressesOne laboratory hour per week. (3,3,0)conversation, pronunciation, MFL 1423 continues MFL 1413 comprehension, reading, writing andemphasizing conversational JapaneseMFL 2513 - Occupational functional grammar, with emphasis on based on text in hiragana, katakana,Spanish the practical aspects of the language. and kanji. This course includes study One laboratory hour per week. (3,3,0) of complex grammar and increasedCredit(s): 3 number of kanji characters. MFL 1123 - French IIPrerequisite:MFL 1413 (3,3,0) This course is designed to teach basic oral communication skills for Credit(s): 3MFL 2113 - French IIIinteraction in Spanish in an occupational setting. Specialized MFL 1123 continues MFL 1113 withvariations of this course include: Law Credit(s): 3 wider vocabulary and more complexEnforcement, Medical and Business.structures and functions. Prerequisite:(3,3,0) MFL 2113 continues MFL1123 with MFL 1113 or 1 year of previous additional materials of literary and language study. One laboratory hour per week. (3,3,0)cultural value. Prerequisite: MFLMassage Therapy 1113 and MFL 1123 or two years of high school French. One laboratory(MGT) MFL 1213 - Spanish Ihour per week. (3,3,0) MGT 1111 - CPR and First Credit(s): 3MFL 2123 - French IVAidMFL 1213, an oral-aural approach Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 1 stresses conversation, pronunciation,listening comprehension, reading, MFL 1223 continues MFL 2113 withThis course develops the knowledge writing, and functional grammar with additional literary and culturaland skills necessary to provide emphasis on communication. One readings and compositions as well asemergency care for the injured or ill laboratory hour per week. (3,3,0) a review of essential elements of 322'