b"until appropriate professionals takeMGT 1244 - Massagetheories of Introduction to Massage over. (1,1,0)Therapy IITherapy and Massage Therapy. (1,0,2) MGT 1214 - Introduction toCredit(s): 4 Massage TherapyMGT 1333 - Kinesiology Students will develop basic skills in Credit(s): 4massage therapy. Each modality willCredit(s): 3 move into the next progressive phase This course teaches the studentenhancing the student's knowledge.This course studies the mechanical theories and principles of therapeutic(4,4,0)aspects of human motion. (3,3,0) massage and includes the effects, benefits, indications andMGT 1253 - MassageMGT 1343 - Pathology and contraindications, history of massageTherapy II LabMedical Terminology therapy, Mississippi laws and regulations pertaining to massage therapist, educational and licensingCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 requirements, professional ethics, equipment and products, clientStudents will develop basic skills inThis course is designed to teach the evaluations, draping techniques,massage therapy in a laboratorystudent functional assessment of massage environment, massagesetting.Each modality will move intotherapeutic massage in relation to therapy in a health-care system,the next progressive phase enhancingpathology. The student learns sanitary and safety practices, therapistthe student's knowledge. (3,0,6)pathology of multiple systems and body mechanics, conditioning,determines its impact on the delivery strengthening, flexibility, humanMGT 1263 - Massageof massage therapy services in his or relationship skills, and basic businessTherapy Clinical Lab IIher own practice. Discussion of the and marketing skills. (4,4,0)massage therapy scope of practice and its relationship to other allied health Credit(s): 3professions is included. MGT 1224 - MassageUnderstanding methods of Therapy IThis course applies the principles andcommunication with other theories of Introduction to Massageprofessionals and clients, exploring Credit(s): 4Therapy and Massage Therapy I andholistic self-care practices, and builds on the principles and theoriesdeveloping a systematic evaluation This course examines basic skills intaught in Massage Therapy II and is aand documentation scheme are also massage therapy for variouscontinuation of Massage Therapycovered. (3,3,0) modalities.Each modality will moveClinical Lab I. (3,0,6) into the next progressive phaseMGT 1612 - Board enhancing the student's knowledge.MGT 1272 - SpecializedPreparation (4,4,0)Modalities I Credit(s): 2 MGT 1233 - MassageCredit(s): 2 Therapy I LabA basic course to provide students Students will be introduced to severalwith skills review for board Credit(s): 3different traditions of massage andcertification. (2,2,0)bodywork. (2,2,0)*If student is already a Licensed This course develops basic skills inMassage Therapist, another academic massage therapy for variousMGT 1281 - Massagecourse may be taken. modalities in a laboratory setting.Therapy Clinical Lab I Each modality will move into the nextMGT 2223 - Massage progressive phase enhancing theCredit(s): 1Therapy III student's knowledge. (3,0,6) This course applies the principles and 323"