b'isolation, and identification of micro- MLT 2954 - ClinicalCredit(s): 3 organisms of medical importance arePracticum II emphasized in this course. IncludedStudy of principles and problems of are techniques used in determining themarketing goods and services and sensitivity of pathogenic bacteria toCredit(s): Clinical Practicum IImethods of distribution from producer different antibiotic and other drugs.to consumer. Topics include types, Prerequisites: MLT 1314, MLT 1413; This course includes clinical practicefunctions, and practices of BIO 2924. (4,2,4)and didactic instruction in a clinicalwholesalers and retailers and efficient affiliate and/or comparable simulatedtechniques in the development and environment. Areas covered areexpansion of markets. (3, 3, 0) MLT 2711 - MLT Seminarhematology, clinical chemistry, immunohematology, urinalysis, Credit(s): 1microbiology, coagulation, andMMT 1123 - Marketing serology. Prerequisites:MLT 1324, Management This course represents a synthesis ofMLT 2424, MLT 2614. (4,0,12) previous didactic, laboratory, andCredit(s): 3 clinical experiences. It is designed toMLT 2964 - Clinical facilitate activities incorporated inPracticum IIIA project-based course as a student and professional organizationscontinuation of MMT 1113. and to allow students to select andPrerequisite: MMT 1113. (3,2,2) present a case study. Prerequisites:Credit(s): 4 Completion of all didactic Medical Laboratory Technology courses.This course includes clinical practiceMMT 1313 - Selling (1,0,2)and didactic instruction in a clinical affiliate and/or comparable simulatedCredit(s): 3 MLT 2723 - Certificationenvironment. Areas covered are hematology, clinical chemistry,Basic principles and techniques of Fundamentals for Medicalimmunohematology, urinalysis,professional sales and their practical Laboratory Technologymicrobiology, coagulation, andapplication. Topics include basic serology. Prerequisites:MLT 1324, elements of consumer behavior, Credit(s): 3MLT 2424, MLT 2614. (4,0,12)developing selling, strategies, closing and servicing a sale, and developing This course is an in-depth study andMLT 2974 - Clinicalconsumer relations. (3,2,2) review of material covered in thePracticum IV MLT curriculum.It is designed toMMT 1323 - Advertising prepare the student for the national certifying exams.(3,3,0)Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3 This course includes clinical practice MLT 2944 - Clinicaland didactic instruction in a clinicalThe role of advertising as an Practicum Iaffiliate and/or comparable simulatedintegrated marketing communications environment. Areas covered aretool. Topics included are product and Credit(s): 4hematology, clinical chemistry,consumer analysis, media selection, immunohematology, urinalysis,and creation of advertisements. (3,2,2) This course includes clinical practicemicrobiology, coagulation, and and didactic instruction in a clinicalserology. Prerequisites:MLT 1324, MMT 1413 - Merchandising affiliate and/or comparable simulatedMLT 2424, MLT 2614. (4,0,12)Math environment. Areas covered are hematology, clinical chemistry,Business and MarketingCredit(s): 3 immunohematology, urinalysis, microbiology, coagulation, andManagement (MMT) Study of the mathematical serology. Prerequisites:MLT 1324, calculations involved in basic MLT 2424, MLT 2614. (4,0,12)MMT 1113 - Principles ofbusiness operations. Fundamental Marketing 325'