b'Credit(s): 3MST 1222 - Lathe TurningCredit(s): 3 Knowledge An overview of event management toThis course provides instruction in include the design of a plan for specialgeneral shop safety as well as events, trade and consumer shows,Credit(s): 2emphasis on advanced applications of exhibitions, and conventions. (3, 2, 2)milling machine operations. This course provides instruction ofPrerequisite: MST 1232 (3,2,2) general shop safety as well as the MMT 2613 - Internationaloperation of the lathe. The course will Marketingimplement the performance of latheMST 1313 - Machine Tool operations resulting in theMathematics Credit(s): 3manufacture of various parts. (2,1,2) Credit(s): 3 Provide students with an overviewMST 1232 - Milling Machine and understanding of internationalKnowledgeAn applied mathematics course marketing. This involves an analysisdesigned for machinists that includes of world markets, their respectiveinstruction and practice in algebraic consumers and environments, and theCredit(s): 2and trigonometric operations. (3,2,2) marketing management required to meet the demands of constantlyThis course provides instruction of general shop safety as well as theMST 1412 - Blueprint changing foreign markets. (3,3,0)operation of vertical millingReading machines. The course will implement MMT 2913 - Internship inthe performance of milling operations Credit(s): 2 Marketing Managementresulting in the manufacture of Technologyvarious parts. (2,1,2)Interpreting and applying prints and specifications designed for Credit(s): 3MST 1243 - Precision Lathemachinists. Prerequisite: MST Operations1313 (2,1,2) Direct application of concepts and theory of marketing management.Credit(s): 3MST 1422 - Advanced Students will work in a marketing- Blueprint Reading related environment. (3,3,0)This course is a continuation of lathe tuning knowledge and providesCredit(s): 2 Precision Manufacturinginstruction of general shop safety as and Machiningwell as additional instruction in latheA continuation of Blueprint Reading operations. Prerequisite: MSTwith emphasis on advanced features Technology (MST)1222 (3,2,2)of prints and specifications includes instruction on the identification of MST 1212 - Drill Press andMST 1251 - Surfacevarious projections, views, and Band Saw OperationsGrinding Operationsassembly components. Prerequisite: MST 1412 (2,1,2) Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 1 MST 1613 - Precision Layout This course provides instruction ofThis course provides instruction in general shop safety as well as thegeneral shop safety as well asCredit(s): 3 operation of power machinery thatemphasis on advanced applications of includes instruction and practice in theprecision grinders. (1,1,0)Precision layout for machining safe operation of power saws and drilloperations that includes instruction presses. Prerequisite: MSTMST 1263 - Milling Machineand practice in the use of layout 1412 (2,1,2)Operationsinstruments. (3,2,2) 327'