b"Credit(s): 5MTA 1133 - Carpenter ShopCredit(s): 3 II This supervised work experience willThis course emphasizes the essentials be performed in an on-the-job trainingrequired to successfully interpret setting related to the apprentice'sCredit(s): 3blueprints and the techniques, views, major field of study. This course islayouts, dimensions and symbols used designed for the on the job applicationThis course will provide the studenton blueprints for the maritime of various industrial and educationalwith intermediate carpenter skill setsindustry.Additional focus is on skills with the integration of thewith practical applications applied interminology, planning, and processes apprentice's technical studies andthe field while working to erectof ship construction, and the evolution industrial experience. (5,0,8)scaffolding and shoring/blocking,of ship design.(3,2,2) with a marine environment. In addition, the course explains MTA 1006 - SupervisedOccupational Safety and HealthMTA 1163 - Advanced Pipe Work ExperienceAdministration (OSHA) safetyWelding regulations and tagging procedures. Credit(s): 6(3,2,2)Credit(s): 3This supervised work experience willMTA 1143 - BlueprintThe Advanced Pipe welding course be performed in an on-the-job trainingReading for Carpenterwill provide an introduction to general setting related to the apprentice'ssafety considerations that apply to major field of study. This course iswelding and metal cutting, welding designed for the on the job applicationCredit(s): 3symbols, reading welding detail of various industrial and educationaldrawings, welding quality, base metal skills with the integration of theThis course is a comprehensive guidepreparation, physical characteristics apprentice's technical studies andto interpreting drawings commonlyand mechanical properties of metals industrial experience.(6,1,10)found in the shipbuilding industry.and preheating and post weld heat The students will develop antreatment of metals.It will continue understanding of the different types,with plasma arc cutting, shielded MTA 1113 - Occupationalsizes, and parts of variousdrawings Mathrelated to their trade. Abbreviationsmetal arc welding (SWAW) stainless steel groove welds, and principles of and symbols related to thesafe oxyfuel cutting.It finishes with Credit(s): 3shipbuilding industry along with agas metal arc welding and flux-cored brief introduction of laying out,arc welding (FCAW) equipment and This course is provides ancutting, shaping and fitting keelfiller metals, FCAW-pipe, and air introduction to fundamentals ofblocks; correct placements of verticalcarbon arc cutting (CAC-A) and general math, basic algebraicand incline ladders: hatch guard andgouging.Lab exercises will be operations, plane geometry, andlifeline placement and installation oncomprehensive and will be application of trigonometricmarine type drawings that will beconcentrated in the latter half of the functions.It also includes instructionprovided. General shipbuildingcourse.(3,2,2) in the principles of measurement andterminology, orientation, deck levels, practice with the steel ruler.(3,2,2)compartments, and shipboard equipment will be introduced.MTA 1174 - Introduction to MTA 1122 - Carpenter ShopSuccessful completion of this coursePaint will give the student a general Iknowledge of the drawings used in the Credit(s): 4 shipbuilding industry and enhance the Credit(s): 2student's productivity. (3,2,2)This course provides the fundamentals of paint and coatings processes and This course will provide the studentMTA 1153 - Introduction toprocedures as they relate to with the basic carpenter skill setsShipbuilding and Blueprintshipbuilding.It reviews industry using basic hand and power tools withstandards, safety, quality and practical applications applied in theReading processes including basic abrasive field and the carpenter shop, within ablasting, spray painting, brush marine environment. (2,1,2) 329"