b"Credit(s): 3techniques using the SMAW process. drawings as they relate to the joiner (4,3,2)craft.(4,3,2) This course is designed as an advanced class for the hands-onMTA 1354 - Weld TheoryMTA 1393 - Blueprint application of layout, cutting, formingand TechniquesReading for Machinist and fabrication of sheet metal.(3,2,2) MTA 1314 - PowerCredit(s): 4Credit(s): 3MachineryThis course provides an introductionThis course is a comprehensive guide to welding and welding techniques.to interpreting drawings commonly Credit(s): 4Topics include safety, welding andfound in the shipbuilding industry. cutting processes, shop math, weldingThe students will develop an This course provides instruction inmetallurgy, and weldability of metals,understanding of the different types, general machine shop procedures andreading technical drawings,sizes, and parts of various drawings shop safety. Students are introducedfabrication, certification, testing andrelated to their trade. Abbreviations to turning, milling, and drillinginspection of welds, welding jointand symbols related to the operations, as well as job planning.design, costs, and weldingsymbols.shipbuilding industry along with a (4,2,4)(4,3,2)brief introduction of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD&T) MTA 1323 - Precision LayoutMTA 1373 - Blueprintand its proper application in a drawing Reading for Insulationwill be provided. General shipbuilding terminology, orientation, deck levels, Credit(s): 3compartments, and shipboard Credit(s): 3equipment will be introduced. An introduction to the concepts andSuccessful completion of this course practice of precision layout forThis course is a comprehensive guidewill give the student a general machining operations.Includesto interpreting drawings commonIyknowledge of the drawings used in the instruction and practice in the use offound in the defense industry.Theshipbuilding industry and enhance the layout instruments.(3,2,2)students will develop anstudent's productivity.(3,2,2) understanding of the different types, MTA 1333 - Safety forsizes, and parts of various drawings.MTA 1413 - Blueprint WeldersPiping, HVAC, Hull Insulation and symbols will be presented. ThisReading for Pipe course will provide Insulation Credit(s): 3Apprentices with basic informationCredit(s): 3 needed to install marine insulation on This course is designed to provide anaval contracts and introduceBlueprint Reading for Pipe will development of knowledge and skillscomputer and blueprint navigationreview basic blueprint reading and to reinforce attitudes and behaviorsusing marine insulation blueprint.provide an introduction to principles required for safe and environmentally(3,2,2)of reading a blueprint, modification of sound work habits.Emphasis isthe three-view principle, views on a placed on Safety Health anddrawing, differences in contract Environmental issues in theMTA 1384 - Blueprint performance of all job tasks andReading for Joinerdrawings, phase II drawing documentation, ripout control process, regulatory compliance issues.(3,2,2)steel pipe, pipefitting, flange basics, Credit(s): 4valves, mechanical equipment, flow MTA 1344 - Shielded Metaldiagrams and instrumentation, codes Arc Welding (SMAW)This course is an introduction to theand specifications, equipment layout, fundamentals of blueprints, reading,piping arrangement drawings, sections interpreting, and understandingand elevations, piping systems, and Credit(s): 4blueprints.The students will develop piping isometrics. (3,2,2) an understanding of the different This course is designed to teachtypes, sizes, and parts of various students introductory welding 331"