b'MTA 1423 - Fundamentals ofMTA 1463 - Supply Chainsupervisor-employee relationships, LogisticsManagementand available maritime employee services. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 MTA 1613 - Shipbuilder This course is designed to give theThis course provides informationExploration student a firm foundation in theconcerning the flow of products and systems approach to managinginformation among producers,Credit(s): 3 activities associated with forecasting,suppliers, and customers. Emphasis is procurement, inventory management,placed on acquiring, purchasing, andShipbuilder Exploration is a multi-life cycle costing, and productdistribution of goods and servicescraft class that introduces students to support.(3,2,2)throughout the supply chain. (3,2,2)the shipbuilding industry.Each craft will teach basic safety responsibilities, MTA 1433 - TransportationMTA 1473 - Logisticscareer opportunities and expectations and DistributionManagementinvolved in obtaining an employment.Students will have the opportunity to earn NCCER Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3credentials for each module and performance task that is successfully This course is designed to give anThis course is designed to help thecompleted.(3,2,2) overview of transportation andstudent solve actual challenges they distribution issues.Emphasis iswill encounter in the marketplace. placed on domestic and internationalBasic decision-making tools andMTA 1623 - Metal Lagging transportation, third-party selection,concepts will be used for finding cost regulations, route and schedulereduction and strategic opportunities.Credit(s): 3 development, and planning for(3,2,2) shipments.(3,2,2)This course is designed to provide the MTA 1483 - Principles ofApprentice with the fundamentals of MTA 1443 - MaterialMaritime Marketinglayout, cutting, forming, and fabrication of sheet metal.(3,2,2) Management Credit(s): 3MTA 1633 - Project Credit(s): 3 Study of principles and problems ofManagement This course provides managerialmarketing in the maritime industry information concerning inventoryand a review of maritime methods ofCredit(s): 3 information systems, managerial toolsdistribution from producer to and techniques, the warehouseconsumer. Topics include types,This course is designed to provide the environment, and distributionfunctions, and practices of maritimeApprentice with the foundation skills planning and control.(3,2,2)business and efficient techniques inneeded to understand roles and the development and expansion ofresponsibilities of construction, MTA 1453 - Purchasingmarkets. (3,2,2)supervision and managing projects.(3,2,2) Credit(s): 3MTA 1493 - Maritime Employee ManagementMTA 1643 - Production This course provides informationPlanning and Control about the purchasing function. Credit(s): 3 Emphasis is placed on vendorCredit(s): 3 analysis, negations, system contracts,The study of the objectives, public and marine purchasing,organizational structure, and functionsThis course provides managerial competitive bidding, and personnel. of maritime employee management.information regarding material (3,2,2)Emphasis is placed on job evaluation,requirements, capacity planning and training, education, safety, health,control techniques, master production 332'