b"MUA 1522 - Class Piano forMUA 1711 - Class Voice IMUA 1872 - Woodwinds for Music Majors II(Non-Major)Music Education Majors I Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 2Class piano instruction for musicClass voice is designed to teach theWoodwind instruction for music majors with no previous pianofundamental principles of singing,education majors and advanced non-training. This curriculum is designedexplore elementary to moderate levelsmusic majors with an emphasis on to prepare students for their pianoof vocal literature and develop andwoodwind instrumental playing. proficiency examination upon transferimprove the student's vocal ability in aDesigned to teach the fundamental to university. (2,2,0)group setting. (1,1,0)principles of playing, explore moderate to advanced levels of MUA 1571 - Piano for Non- MUA 1721 - Class Voice IIliterature, develop the student's Keyboard Music Majors I(Non-Major)interest in playing, and strengthen the student's playing ability. (2,1,0) Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 1MUA 1882 - Woodwinds forIndividual piano instruction for non- Class voice is designed to teach theMusic Education Majors II keyboard music majors. (1,1/2,0)fundamental principles of singing, explore elementary to moderate levelsCredit(s): 2 MUA 1572 - Piano forof vocal literature and develop and Keyboard Majors (Musicimprove the student's vocal ability in aWoodwind instruction for music group setting. (1,1,0)education majors and advanced non-Education) Imusic majors with an emphasis on MUA 1772 - Voice for Vocalwoodwind instrumental playing. Credit(s): 2Music Education Majors IDesigned to teach the fundamental principles of playing, explore Individual piano instruction includingmoderate to advanced levels of technique, appropriate repertoire, andCredit(s): 2literature, develop the student's memorization. (2,1,0)interest in playing, and strengthen the Voice for vocal music educationstudent's playing ability. (2,1,0) MUA 1581 - Piano for Nonmajors is designed to teach the fundamental principles of singing,MUA 2172 - Brass for Music Keyboard Music Major IIexplore varied vocal literature, and develop and improve the student'sEducation Majors III Credit(s): 1vocal ability. (2,1,0) Credit(s): 2 Individual piano instruction for non- MUA 1782 - Voice for Vocal keyboard music majors. (1,1/2,0)Music Education Majors IIBrass instruction for music education majors and advanced non-music MUA 1582 - Piano formajors with an emphasis on brass Credit(s): 2instrumental playing. Designed to Keyboard Majors (Music teach the fundamental principles of Education) IIVoice for vocal music educationplaying, explore moderate to majors is designed to teach theadvanced levels of literature, develop Credit(s): 2fundamental principles of singing,the student's interest in playing and explore varied vocal literature, andstrengthen the student's playing Individual piano instruction includingdevelop and improve the student'sability. (2,1,0) technique, appropriate repertoire, andvocal ability. (2,1,0)memorization. (2,1,0) MUA 2182 - Brass for Music Education Majors IV 335"