b'1131; NUR 1217; NUR 1223; ENGgroups in a variety of settings.NUR 1223; NUR 2318; NUR 1123 (8,4.4,10.8)Prerequisites: SPT 1113; NUR 1118;2322 (4,2,6) NUR 1121; NUR 1131; NUR 1217; NUR 2322 -NUR 1223; NUR 2318; NURPhilosophy and Religion Mental/Behavioral Health2322 (6,4,6) (PHI) NUR 2422 - Nursing Credit(s): 2 Comprehensive SeminarPHI 1113 - Old TestamentThis course focuses on the care ofSurvey clients across the lifespanCredit(s): 2 experiencing cognitive, mental andCredit(s): 3 behavioral disorders. Emphasis isThis course focuses on effective placed on management of clientsutilization of clinical reasoningThe student will survey the Old facing emotional and psychologicalnecessary for professional nursingTestament (Hebrew Bible) with stressors as well as promoting andpractice. The student is expected toregard to its worth as a literary work, maintaining the mental health ofparticipate in discussions of casealong with significant dates, themes, individuals and families. Concepts ofstudies, clinical simulations andconcepts and contributions of its crisis intervention, therapeuticstrategies for NCLEX-RN testing.characters to that history and communication, anger management,Through diagnostic testing, studentsliterature. (3,3,0) and coping skills are integratedwill assess their individual strengths throughout the course. Theand weaknesses in nursing knowledgePHI 1133 - New Testament community as a site for care andand remediate in areas needing support services is addressed. Clinicalimprovement. Prerequisites: SPTSurvey experiences provide the student an1113; NUR 1118; NUR 1121; NUR opportunity to apply theoretical1131; NUR 1217; NUR 1223; NURCredit(s): 3 concepts and implement safe client2318; NUR 2322 (2,2,0) care to clients in selected mentalA study of the New Testament health settings. Prerequisites: NURNUR 2434 - Transition tocovering the life of Jesus of Nazareth 1118; NUR 1121; NUR 1131; NURand the establishment of the early 1217; NUR 1223 (2,1.6,1.2)Professional Nursing Practicechurch as presented in the Gospels, Acts, and other New Testament NUR 2416 - AdvancedCredit(s): 4books. (3,3,0)Concepts of Nursing PracticeThis course facilitates the transition of PHI 2113 - Introduction to the student to the role of a Credit(s): 6professional nurse. Emphasis is placedPhilosophy I on contemporary issues and This course focuses on advancedmanagement concepts, as well asCredit(s): 3 nursing care of clients across thedeveloping the skills of delegation, lifespan with complex multi-systemconflict management, and leadership.An introduction to the major themes health problems. Emphasis is placedLegal and ethical issues are discussedand history of the discipline of on implementing time managementwith a focus on personalPhilosophy with an emphasis on the and organizational skills whileaccountability and responsibility.development of critical thinking skills. managing the care of multiple clientsStandards of practice and the(3,3,0) and collaborating with thesignificance of functioning according interdisciplinary team. Concepts ofto state regulations and statutes arePHI 2113H - Honors clinical judgment, priority-setting,analyzed. Clinical experiencesIntroduction to Philosophy decision-making, and legal and ethicalprovide the student the opportunity to practice are integrated throughout theapply theoretical concepts while course. Clinical experiences providefunctioning in a leadership role.Credit(s): 3 the student an opportunity to applyPrerequisites: SPT 1113; NUR 1118; theoretical concepts and implementNUR 1121; NUR 1131; NUR 1217;An introduction to the major themes safe care to clients and selectedand history of the discipline of Philosophy with an emphasis on the 342'