b'development of critical thinking skills.courses must be taken in curriculumThis course provides instruction in (Open through invitation only.) (3,3,0)display.(3 sch: 0-hr clinical) basic mathematical concepts,including the ability to interpret PHI 2613 - Introduction tostatistical data, gather and report World ReligionsPHT 1213 - Prevention andstatistical data. Emphasis will be Community Healthplaced on common statistical computations and their use in public Credit(s): 3health settings. Topics that will be Credit(s): 3covered include basic math and An introduction to the beliefs andstatistical computations, census and practices of Buddhism, Christianity,This course provides opportunity foroccupancy rates, vital statistics and Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and otherstudy in personal and communitymortality rates. Prerequisites: religious traditions. (3,3,0)health problems as well as steps thatAdmission into one of the can be taken by individuals andPHT/Navigator Concentrations. PHT Public Healthgroups to reduce risk of healthcourses must be taken in curriculum problems for individuals, families anddisplay.(3 sch: 0-hr clinical)Technology (PHT)communities. It also provides an in- depth review of the nature of PHT 1113 - Intro to Healthcommunity health services andPHT 2113 - Introduction to resources. The course will emphasize Care & Public Healththe need for multidimensionalEpidemiology approaches that community/public Credit(s): 3health professionals can use to helpCredit(s): 3 individuals overcome barriers. This course willprovide studentsPrerequisites: Admission into one ofThis course will cover applications of with an overview of the populationthe PHT/Navigator Concentrations.epidemiologic methods and health approach to community andPHT courses must be taken inprocedures to the study of the public health. Course topics includecurriculum display. (3 sch: 0-hrdistribution and determinants of history, terminology, philosophy andclinical) health and diseases, morbidity, ethical principles of community and injuries, disability and mortality in public health. This course includes apopulations. A study of the causes, review of public health policy,PHT 1223 - Health Insuranceincidence and distribution of common healthcare systems and the roles ofdiseases, including the humanistic and health professionals. Prerequisites:economic implications of these Admission into one of theCredit(s): 3diseases. Pre/corequisites: Admission PHT/Navigator Concentrations. PHTinto one of the PHT/Navigator courses must be taken in curriculumThis course will provide an overviewConcentrations. PHT courses must be display. (3 sch: 0-hr clinical) of public and private health insurancetaken in curriculum display.(3 sch:products, services and delivery0-hr clinical)methods. Emphasis will be placed onhealth insurance/financing principles, PHT 1123 - HealthCareaccess to care and terminology. DeliveryPrerequisites: Admission into one ofPHT 2123 - Health the PHT/Navigator Concentrations.Information Access and Credit(s): 3PHT courses must be taken inAnalysis curriculum display.(3 sch: 0-hr This course will provide a review ofclinical) Credit(s): 3 the U.S. healthcare delivery systemincluding topics such as the changingThis course will provide a brief role of healthcare providers, hospitals,PHT 1233 - Public Healthoverview of healthcare law, other facilities and governmentalStatistics and Analysisintroduction to health information agencies and the relationships amongsystems as well as system integrations such entities.Prerequisites:and provides knowledge of health Admission into one of theCredit(s): 3 record content and reporting PHT/Navigator Concentrations. PHT 343'