b"requirements. Topics will includewill learn and demonstrate skills inwith public health professionals and HIPAA, record content, electroniccommunity assessment andparticipate in actions that constitute health record, data sets and reportingorganization techniques includingpublic health. Integral to closing the requirements. Pre/corequisites:stakeholder identification, coalition- loop on the learning process is the Admission into one of thebuilding, advocacy and theopportunity for students to reflect on PHT/Navigator Concentrations. PHTidentification of fundingthe field experience. Students will courses must be taken in curriculumsources. Pre/corequisites: Admissioncollaborate on the different display.(3 sch: 0-hr clinical) into one of the PHT/Navigatorinfrastructures and approaches theyConcentrations. PHT courses must beobserved at each field location. taken in curriculum display.(3 sch:Consent of the Public Health PHT 2133 - Public Health0-hr clinical) Technology program director Practicum I required. Eight hours clinic per week. Pre/corequisites: Admission into one PHT 2223 - Public Healthof the PHT/Navigator Concentrations. Credit(s): 3PHT courses must be taken in Education Communication curriculum display.(3 sch: 8-hr This course is designed for Publicclinical) Health majors as a pre-professionalCredit(s): 3 field experience to broaden thePHT 2243 - Public Health student's public 220 healthThis course will provide students with perspectives and provide experiencea practical approach to understandingand Aging in applying the theory and contentand applying principles of health learned in their public healtheducation communication to a rangeCredit(s): 3 coursework. It is expected that theof public health issues and diverse field experience will afford studentspopulations. Students will employThis course is an overview of the the opportunity to interact andthese concepts and skills for analyzinginteractive nature of biological and collaborate with public healthand evaluating current public healthcognitive processes that occur in professionals and participate ineducation communication campaigns.aging. Basic instruction related to actions that constitute public health.Students will create a health educationpublic health include age-related Integral to closing the loop on thecommunication campaign in bothchanges 221 in core human systems, learning process is the opportunity forwritten and oral format.common disease and the ramification students to reflect on the fieldPre/corequisites: Admission into onerelated to the aging process. experience. Students will collaborateof the PHT/Navigator Concentrations.Pre/corequisites: Admission into one on the different infrastructures andPHT courses must be taken inof the PHT/Navigator Concentrations. approaches they observed at each fieldcurriculum display.(3 sch: 0-hrPHT courses must be taken in location. Consent of the Public Healthclinical) curriculum display.(3 sch: 0-hr Technology program director clinical) required. Eight hours clinic per week.Pre/corequisites: Admission into onePHT 2233 - Public HealthPhysical Science and of the PHT/Navigator Concentrations.Practicum II PHT courses must be taken inPhysics (PHY) curriculum display.(3 sch: 8-hr clinical)Credit(s): 3PHY 1114 - Introduction toThis course is designed for PublicAstronomy, Lecture and PHT 2213 - HealthCareHealth majors as a pre-professionalLaboratory Advocacyfield experience to broaden the student's public health perspectivesCredit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3and provide experience in applying the theory and content learned in theirA combined lecture and laboratory This course provides an overview ofpublic health coursework. It iscourse that includes surveys of the the assessment, development,expected that field experience II willsolar system, our galaxy, and the implementation and evaluation ofcontinue to afford students theuniverse. Labs associated with this public health programming. Studentsopportunity to interact and collaboratecourse contain experiments and 344"