b'exercises that reinforce the principlesCredit(s): 4PNV 1676 - Alteration in introduced in lecture classes. (4,3,2)Adult Health Concepts and A combined lecture and laboratory Clinical PHY 2244 - Physical Sciencecourse covering electricity, I, Lecture and Laboratorymagnetism, and optics. This is a non- calculus based course primarily forCredit(s): 6 pre-professional majors. Labs Credit(s): 4associated with this course containThis course provides the student with experiments and exercises thatthe basic nursing theory and skills toA combined lecture and laboratoryreinforce the principles introduced inprovide safe and effective care for the course that includes studies oflecture classes. Prerequisite: PHYadult client experiencing acute, measurements and units, electricity,2414. (4,3,2)chronic, or life-threatening physical mechanics, heat, sound, light, andhealth conditions in selected body astronomy. Labs associated with thisPHY 2514 - General Physicssystems. Pharmacological and course contain experiments andnutritional therapy considerations for exercises that reinforce the principlesI-A, Lecture and Laboratoryvarious disorders are included. The introduced in lecture classes. (4,3,2)systems not covered in this course are Credit(s): 4taught in Medical/Surgical Nursing PHY 2254 - Physical ScienceConcepts and Clinical (PNV 1666). Survey II, Lecture andA combined lecture and laboratory This course also includes clinical course covering mechanics andexperiences for application of nursing Laboratoryconservation laws. This is a calculustheory and skills for safe and effective based course primarily for students ofcare of the adult client experiencing Credit(s): 4engineering, science, or mathematics.acute, chronic, or life-threatening Labs associated with this coursephysical health conditions in all body A combined lecture and laboratorycontain experiments and exercises thatsystems. Prerequisites: Admission course that includes studies ofreinforce the principlesCriteria and coursework:ENG 1113; chemistry, geology and meteorology.introduced in lecturePSY 1513; BIO 2514; BIO 2524; BIO Labs associated with this courseclasses. Corequisite or Prerequisite:2924. (6,4,6) contain experiments and exercises thatMAT 1613. (4,3,2) reinforce the principles introduced inPNV 1813 - Mental Health lecture classes. (4,3,2)PHY 2524 - General PhysicsNursingII-A, Lecture and LaboratoryCredit(s): 3 PHY 2414 - General PhysicsI, Lecture and LaboratoryThis course provides the student with Credit(s): 4 basic knowledge and skills to assist in Credit(s): 4A combined lecture and laboratorythe promotion of the emotional, course covering electricity,mental, and social well-being of the A combined lecture and laboratory magnetism, and optics. This is aclient and family experiencing a course covering mechanics andcalculus-based course primarily formental health alteration. Prerequisites: conservation laws. This is a non- students of engineering, science orAdmission Criteria and coursework:calculus based course primarily formathematics. Labs associated withENG 1113; PSY 1513; BIO pre-professional majors. Labsthis course contain experiments and2514; BIO 2524; BIO 2924. (3,2.67,1) associated with this course containexercises that reinforce the principles experiments and exercises thatintroduced in lecturePNV 1914 - Nursing reinforce the principles introduced inclasses. Prerequisite: PHY 2514.Transition lecture classes. Prerequisite: MAT(4,3,2) 1313 and MAT 1323 or special consent of instructor. (4,3,2)Credit(s): 4 Practical Nursing (PNV) PHY 2424 - General PhysicsThis course facilitates the transition of the student to the role of an entry level II, Lecture and LaboratoryLicensed Practical Nurse and the 345'