b'preparation for the National Councilexpectations; plant organizations; thesound work habits. Emphasis is Licensure Examination(NCLEX- plant processes and utility systems;placed on safety, health, and PN). Prerequisites: ENG 1113, PSYand the physical and mentalenvironmental issues in the 1513, BIO 2514, BIO 2924, BIOrequirements of the processperformance of all job tasks and 2524, ENG 1123, EPY 2533, NURtechnician. (3,3,0)regulatory compliance issues. (3,3,0) 1118, NUR 1121, NUR 1131, NUR 1100, NUR 1217, NUR 1223, NURPPT 1413 - Quality ConceptsPPT 1613 - Technical 1200. Corequsites:PNV 1301, PNVCommunication 1676, PNV 1813. (4,3,3) Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Psychology (PSY)A course to provide an introduction tothe field of quality in the processThis course includes an application of PSY 1513 - Generalindustry. Students are introduced towritten, oral, and other forms of Psychologyindustry-related process conceptscommunication to the process including operating consistency,technology industry. It includes continuous improvement, plantinstruction and practice in written Credit(s): 3economics, team skills, and statisticalcommunications (reports and process control (SPS). (3,3,0)presentations, procedures, resumes, An introduction to the scientific studydocumentation, training materials, of human behavior and mentalPPT 1424 - Processetc.) and oral communications processes. This includes history and(presentations, directions/instructions, theories of psychology, researchEquipment feedback, etc.). (3,3,0) methods, biological bases of behavior, the principles of learning, personalityCredit(s): 4 and abnormal behavior. (3,3,0)PPT 1713 - Process This course includes Instruction in theInstrumentation I PSY 2553 - Psychology ofuse of common process equipment Personal Adjustmentincluding piping, valves, rotatingCredit(s): 3 equipment such as pumps, compressors, drivers, and fixedThis course is a study of the Credit(s): 3equipment such as exchangers, tanks,instruments and instrument systems drums, and vessels. (4,4,0)used in chemical processing industry A course to aid in developing anincluding terminology, primary understanding of personal adjustmentPPT 1434 - Process Systemsvariables, symbols, and control loops. with emphasis placed on personal( 3,3,0) issues through life, love and relationships, wellness, and careerCredit(s): 4 exploration. Prerequisite: PSY 1513.PPT 2113 - Oil and Gas (3,3,0)This course involves the study of theProduction I interrelation of process equipment and process systems including related Process Operationsscientific principles. Prerequisite: PPTCredit(s): 3Technology (PPT)1424. (4,4,0)This course includes an overview of the petroleum industry including PPT 1133 - Intro to ProcessPPT 1513 - Safety Health andexploration and geology, well drilling, TechnologyEnvironmentwellhead operations, and product distribution. Emphasis is placed on oil Credit(s): 3and gas production. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3This course is an introduction to theThis course is designed to provide aPPT 2123 - Oil and Gas types of process operations within thedevelopment of knowledge and skillsProduction II process industry. Topics includeto reinforce attitudes and behaviors technician duties, responsibilities, andrequired for safe and environmentally 346'