b'1213), Kinesiology (PTA 1314 ).and other therapeutic procedures.PTA 2424 - Clinical (4,3,2)Indications and contraindications ofEducation II modalities are also discussed.Prerequisites: Fundamental Concepts of Physical Therapy (PTA 1123 ,Credit(s): 4 PTA 1314 - KinesiologyFundamental Skills for Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA 1213 ), andThis is the first of three culminating Kinesiology (PTA 1314 ). (4,3,2) clinical education experiences Credit(s): 4(identified in a normative Model of PTA Education as the first full-time This course studies individual musclesclinical experience) that provide and muscle functions, biomechanicalPTA 2334 - Therapeuticsupervised clinical experiences in principles of joint motion, gaitExercise and Rehabilitationdemonstrating the attributes and analysis, goniometry, and posturalIIapplying the skills that prepare assessment. Pre/corequisites:students for entry into the physical Fundamental Concepts of Physicaltherapy profession. Prerequisite: Core Therapy (PTA 1123 ) andCredit(s): 4 Physical Therapist Assistant courses. Fundamental Skills for Physical(4,12 clinical)Therapist Assistants (PTA 1213 ).This course presents theory, principles, and techniques of(4,3,2) therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation for primarily neurological conditions.PTA 2434 - Clinical Methods of functional, motor, andEducation III PTA 1324 - Therapeuticsensory assessment and intervention Exercise and Rehabilitation Itechniques are included. Principles of Credit(s): 4 prosthetics and orthotics, functional Credit(s): 4training, and other techniques areThis is the second of three covered. Pre/corequisites:culminating clinical education This course provides an overview ofFundamental Concepts of Physicalexperiences that provide supervised the biochemical andTherapy (PTA 1123 ), Fundamentalclinical experiences in demonstrating neurophysiological basis andSkills for Physical Therapistthe attributes and applying the skills application of various therapeuticAssistants (PTA 1213 ), Therapeuticthat prepare students for entry into the exercises. The basics of therapeuticModalities PTA 1224 ), KinesiologyPhysical Therapy profession. exercise are correlated with specific(PTA 1314 ), Therapeutic ExercisePrerequisite: Core Physical Therapist conditions. This course focuses onand Rehabilitation I (PTA 1324 ), andAssistant courses. (4,12 clinical)rehabilitation techniques in theClinical Education I (PTA 2413 ).treatment of a variety of selected(4,3,2)conditions. Specialized exercisePTA 2444 - Clinical procedures are emphasized. Pre/corequisites: Fundamental Education IV Concepts of Physical Therapy (PTA 1123 ), Fundamental Skills forPTA 2413 - ClinicalCredit(s): 4 Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAEducation I 1213 ), Therapeutic Modalities (PTAThis is the third of three culminating 1224 ), and Kinesiology (PTA 1314 .Credit(s): 3clinical education experiences (4,3,2) (identified in a Normative Model ofThis course provides supervisedPTA Education as the last full-time clinical experiences in demonstratingclinical experience) that provide PTA 2234 - Electrotherapythe attributes and applying the skillssupervised clinical experiences in for which students have been deemeddemonstrating the attributes and Credit(s): 4competent for the clinical setting.applying the skills that prepare Prerequisite: Core Physical Therapiststudents for entry into the Physical This course emphasizes theory andAssistant Courses. (3,9 clinical) Therapy profession. Prerequisite: All practical application of electrotherapy Core Physical Therapist Assistant and 348'