b'Clinical Education courses. (4,12RCT 1213 - Respiratory CarePhysiology, or instructor approval. clinical) Science(2,1,2) Credit(s): 3RCT 1416 - Respiratory Care PTA 2513 - MedicalTechnology I Conditions and RelatedThis course is designed to introduce Pathologythe student respiratory care therapistCredit(s): 6 to fundamental elements important to Credit(s): 3the delivery of health care in a safe,This course is a study of respiratory efficient, and professional manner.treatments,equipment design and This course provides a basic(3,2,2)operation related to acute care knowledge of selected diseases andprocedures. (6,4,4) conditions encountered in physicalRCT 1223 - Patient therapy practice. Emphasis is onAssessment and PlanningRCT 1424 - Respiratory Care etiology, pathology, and clinicalTechnology II picture of diseases studied. VariousCredit(s): 3 physical therapy procedures in each disability are discussed.Credit(s): 4 This course is a fundamental approach Pre/corequisites: Fundamentalto subjective and objective evaluation, Concepts of Physical Therapy (PTAThis course is a continuation of assessment, and care plan formationRespiratory Care Technology I. It is a 1123) , Fundamental Skills forfor the individual needs of the patient. Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAstudy of the management of It is an introduction torespiratory failure, including 1213), Kinesiology (PTA 1314),cardiopulmonary diseases including Therapeutic Modalities (PTA 1224),mechanical ventilation, pulmonary etiology, pathophysiology,rehabilitation, and home care. Electrotherapy (PTA 2234), Clinicalcomplications, occurrences, clinical Education I (PTA 2413), TherapeuticPrerequisite: RCT 1416 - Respiratory manifestations, treatment, andCare Technology I. (4,3,2) Exercise and Rehabilitation I (PTAprevention. (3,2,2) 1324), and Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation II (PTA 2334). (3,3,0) RCT 1516 - Clinical PracticeRCT 1313 -I Cardiopulmonary Anatomy PTA 2523 - Physical Therapyand PhysiologyCredit(s): 6 Seminar Credit(s): 3Patient assessment, performance of Credit(s): 3respiratory care procedures, and care This course is a study ofplan formation are practiced in the This course represents a synthesis ofcardiopulmonary anatomy andhospital environment. A procedural previous didactic, laboratory, andphysiology in relation to the practiceguide is utilized to evaluate student clinical experiences. Students areof respiratory care. (3,3,0)competencies and performance of directed to explore a topic or area ofrespiratory care procedures.(6,0,18) interest in physical therapy practice.RCT 1322 - Pulmonary Recognition of the importance ofFunction Testing (PFT)RCT 1523 - Clinical Practice employability skills after graduation isII included. Prerequisite: Four semestersCredit(s): 2 of core Physical Therapist AssistantCredit(s): 3 course work. (3,3,0) This course is an introduction topulmonary function techniques andThis course is a continuation of testing equipment with patient dataClinical Practice I. Students rotate Respiratory Careevaluation and recommendation basedthrough various respiratory care Technology (RCT)on pulmonary function resultssubspecialty areas for evaluation of Prerequisite: RCT 1313 -competency and performance of Cardiopulmonary Anatomy andrespiratory care procedures. (3,0,9) 349'