b'RCT 1611 - Respiratory Careperformance and/or observation ofanalytical approach to problem Pharmacology Irespiratory care procedures. (3,0,9)solving. Critical thinking is emphasized. (Delivery techniques RCT 2546 - Clinical Practicemay include traditional face-to-face or Credit(s): 1online.) (3,2,2) IV This course is designed to introduce the student to the pharmacologyRadiograph (Medical) Credit(s): 6 related to cardiopulmonary disorders.Technology (RGT) (1,1,0)This course is a continuation of Clinical Practice III. Students will RCT 2333 -RGT 1115 - Clinical rotate through respiratory care areas. Cardiopulmonary PathologyA procedural guide is utilized toEducation I evaluate student competency and performance. (6,0,18)Credit(s): 5 Credit(s): 3 This course includes clinical practice This course is a study ofRCT 2613 - cardiopulmonary pathophysiology. ItNeonatal/Pediatricsand instruction in a clinical affiliate. Areas included are patient care and includes etiology, clinicalManagementmanagement, radiation protection, manifestations, diagnostics andoperation of equipment, and treatment of various cardiopulmonaryCredit(s): 3radiologic procedures. Prerequisite: diseases incorporating clinicalCPR-Health Care Provider must be practice guidelines, and therapistThis course is a study of fetalcompleted before Clinical Education I driven protocols. Case studies and/ordevelopment and the transition toexperience begins. (5,0,15) clinical simulations will be utilized toextrauterine environment. It includes enforce learning and evaluatethe most common cardiopulmonary progress. (3,3,0)RGT 1125 - Clinical disorders, neonatal and pediatric Education II disease processes, and the modes of RCT 2434 - Respiratory Caretreatment. (3,3,0) Technology IIICredit(s): 5 RCT 2622 - Respiratory Care This course involves clinical practice Credit(s): 4Pharmacology IIand instruction in a clinical affiliate. Areas included are patient care and This course is an advanced study ofCredit(s): 2management, radiation protection, respiratory care in the critical careoperation of equipment, and setting. Topics include non- This course is a continuation ofradiologic procedures. (5,0,15) conventional modes of mechanicalRespiratory Care Pharmacology I, ventilation, hemodynamics, specialwhere the student will be introduced procedures, and advanced cardiac lifeRGT 1138 - Clinical to advanced pharmacology related to support Prerequisite: Clinical PracticeEducation III cardiopulmonary disorders. (2,2,0) II (RCT 1523). (4,3,2) RCT 2713 - Respiratory CareCredit(s): 8 RCT 2533 - Clinical Practice SeminarThis course is a clinical practice and III instruction in a clinical affiliate. Areas Credit(s): 3included are patient care and Credit(s): 3management, radiation protection, This course is designed to integrateoperation of equipment, and This course is a continuation ofthe essential elements of respiratoryradiologic procedures. Prerequisite: Clinical Practice I and II. Studentscare practice through the use of careRGT 1125 (8,0,24) will rotate through various clinicalplans, case studies, and clinical areas for evaluation of competency,simulations in a laboratory environment. Students will develop an 350'