b'health risks, and life stages.concepts of pharmacology. InPrinciples and theories associated Prerequisite: RGT 1213 (2,2,0)addition, it also includes principleswith DC circuits.This course and procedures involved inincludes the study of electrical RGT 2146 - Clinicalradiographic positioning of thecircuits, laws and formulae, and the Education IVreproductive system. Prerequisite:use of test equipment to analyze DC RGT 2533 (2,2,0)circuits.(3,2,2) Credit(s): 6RGT 2911 - RadiationSBE 1123 - ElectronicThis course is a clinical practice andBiologyFundamentals II instruction in a clinical affiliate. Areas included are patient care andCredit(s): 1Credit(s): 3 management, radiation protection, operation of equipment, andThis course is a study of the biologicalPrinciples and theories associated radiologic procedures. Prerequisite:effects of radiation upon living matter.with AC circuits, Transformers and RGT 1138. (6,0,18)It includes genetic and somaticSemiconductor circuits. This course effects. (1,1,0)includes the study of electrical RGT 2156 - Clinicalcircuits, laws and formulae, and the Education VRGT 2921 - Radiographicuse of test equipment to analyze PathologyElectronic circuits.(3,2,2) Credit(s): 6SBE 1213 - Digital Credit(s): 1 This course is a clinical practice andElectronics instruction in a clinical affiliate. AreasThis course is designed to introduce included are patient care andtheories of disease causation and theCredit(s): 3 management, radiation protection,pathophysiologic disorders that operation of equipment, andcompromise healthy systems.Introduction to Number systems, logic radiologic procedures. Prerequisite:Etiology, pathophysiologic responses,circuits, Counters, Registers, Memory RGT 2146. (6,0,18)clinical manifestations, radiographicdevices, Combinational and appearance, and management ofSequential Logic circuits, Boolean RGT 2533 - Radiographicalterations in body systems will bealgebra as used in industry for Control Procedures IIIpresented. (1,1,0)Systems.(3,2,2) RGT 2934 - CertificationSBE 1223 - Test and Credit(s): 3 FundamentalsMeasurement Fundamentals This course includes principles and procedures involved in radiographicCredit(s): 4Credit(s): 3 positioning of the entire cranium and facial bones. Included is a review ofThis course is designed to correlatePrinciples and theories associated radiographic anatomy on eachscientific components of radiographywith utilizing Test Equipment to procedure. Prerequisite: RGTto entry-level knowledge required bymeasure DC/AC circuit parameters 1523 (3,2,2)the profession. (4,2,4)and electronic components. This course includes the study of electrical RGT 2542 - RadiographicSystems Basedcircuits, laws and formulae, and the Procedures IVuse of test equipment to analyze Electronics (SBE)DC/AC circuits.(3,2,2) Credit(s): 2SBE 1113 - ElectronicSBE 2353 - Solid State MotorThis course is a study of specialFundamentals IControl radiographic procedures that utilizes sterile techniques and specializedCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 equipment. It also includes basic 352'