b'Principles and operation of solid stateSpeech and Theatreimprovement of voice and diction. motor control as well as the design,Includes physical characteristics and installation, and maintenance of(SPT)production of sounds in American different solid state devices for motorEnglish, auditory training, articulation control.(3,1,4)SPT 1113 - Public Speaking Iand standard pronunciations, and voice production. (3,3,0) SBE 2363 - ProgrammableCredit(s): 3 Logic ControllersSPT 1223 - Movement for the Study and practice in makingActor Credit(s): 3speeches for a variety of public forums. Major emphasis is placed onCredit(s): 3 Principles and operation ofeffective speech preparation and Programmable Logic Controllersdelivery. Prerequisite orTechnique for stage movement for the (PLCs) in modern industrial settingsCorequisite: ENG 1033 or ENG 1113.actor.(3,3,0) as well as the operating principles of(3,3,0) PLCs and practice in theSPT 1233 - Acting I programming, installation, andSPT 1123 - Public Speaking maintenance of PLCs.(3,2,2)II Credit(s): 3Sociology (SOC)Credit(s): 3An introduction to the basic techniques of acting for the stage.SOC 2113 - Introduction toA continuation in the study of public(3,3,0) speaking with an emphasis on Sociologyresearch, organization and delivery SPT 1241 - Drama techniques. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3Production I SPT 1131 - Forensics I This course introduces the scientificCredit(s): 1 study of human society and social interaction and examines social forcesCredit(s): 1Participation in college drama on individuals and groups. (3,3,0)productions. Required for theatre Forensics in an activity course whichmajors. (1,1,0) includes: public speaking, oral SOC 2133 - Social Problemsinterpretation and debate. Students participate in intercollegiate orSPT 1251 - Drama Credit(s): 3community forensic contests andProduction II debate tournaments. (1,1,0) This course is a study of theCredit(s): 1 theoretical analysis, nature, scope, andSPT 1141 - Forensics II effects of contemporary socialParticipation in college drama. problems and policy measures used toRequired for theatre majors. (1,1,0) address them. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 1A continuation of SPT 1131. (1,1,0)SPT 1273 - Theatrical SOC 2143 - Marriage andMakeup FamilySPT 1153 - Voice, Diction and PhoneticsCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Techniques in the application of A study of the development ofCredit(s): 3 makeup for the stage. (3,3,0) marriage and family as social institutions within society. (3,3,0)A study of the International Phonetic Alphabet and training in the phoneticSPT 2111 - Forensics III transcription of speech for 353'