b'Credit(s): 1SPT 2241 - Dramarelationships, and biomedical Production IIIsciences. Corequisite: SUT A continuation of SPT 1141. (1,1,0)1217 (3,3,0) Credit(s): 1 SPT 2143 - OralSUT 1217 - Principles of InterpretationParticipation in college drama.Surgical Technique Required for theatre majors.Drama Credit(s): 3Production. (1,1,0)Credit(s): 7Training is given in the techniques ofSPT 2251 - DramaThis course is a comprehensive study oral interpretative presentation, itsProduction IVof aseptic technique, safe patient care, theories and practices. (3,3,0)anesthesia, pharmacology, and surgical techniques. Corequisite: SUT Credit(s): 11113 (7,3,8) SPT 2173 - Interpersonal CommunicationParticipation in college drama. Required for theatre majors. (1,1,0)SUT 1413 - Surgical Credit(s): 3Microbiology SPT 2263 - Directing Theory and analysis of dyadicCredit(s): 3 relationships (one-on-oneCredit(s): 3 interactions). The course exploresThis is an introduction to pathogenic topics such as perception, listening,The student will learn themicroorganisms related to surgery and conflict management, relationshipfundamentals of directing such astheir effect on wound healing and building and maintenance, andscript analysis, conceptualization,infection. It includes principles of relational power. (3,3,0)staging scheduling andsterilization and disinfection. communication. (3,3,0)Prerequisites: SUT 1113, SUT 1217. SPT 2223 - StagecraftCorequisites:SUT 1614, SUT 1624, SUT 1714 (3,3,0) SPT 2313 - Playwriting Credit(s): 3 SUT 1614 - Basic and Credit(s): 3 Implementation and application of allRelated Surgical Procedurestechnical elements of production,Practice in the fundamentals of(Lecture) design, and operation. (SPT 1241,dramatic composition. Reading, 1251, 2241, or 2251 is required).discussion, and analysis of writtenCredit(s): 4 (3,3,0)work, as well as an emphasis on original work. (3,3,0)This course includes instruction in SPT 2233 - Theatreregional anatomy, pathology, AppreciationSurgical Technologyinstrumentation,surgical techniques, and safe patient care in general (SUT)surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, and Credit(s): 3 genitourinary. This course prepares An introduction of the cultural,SUT 1113 - Fundamentals ofstudents for clinical experience.historical and social aspects of drama.Surgical TechnologyPrerequisites:SUT 1113, SUT 1217.Class content provides an appreciationCorequisites:SUT 1413, SUT 1624, of theatre and performance art toSUT 1714 (4,4,0) Credit(s): 3 develop audience standards through demonstration of the uniqueSUT 1624 - Specialized This is a basic introductory course characteristics of theatre. A fine artsincluding hospital and surgical suiteSurgical Procedures elective. (3,3,0)organization and environment,(Lecture) history, legal responsibilities, terminology, interpersonal 354'