b'Credit(s): 4simulations is required. Prerequisite:and throat; eye; oral and maxillofacial All 1st and 2nd semester coursework.surgery; orthopedics; plastics; This course includes instruction inCorequisites:SUT 1634, SUT 1724,neurosurgery; thoracic; peripheral regional anatomy, pathology,SUT 1735 (3,3,0)vascular and cardiovascular surgery.instrumentation, techniques, and safePrerequisites:All 1st and 2nd patient care in surgical specialty areasSUT 1714 - Clinical Practicesemester coursework.Corequisites:of ear, nose and throat; eye; oral andISUT 1634, SUT 1703, SUT maxillofacial surgery; orthopedics;1724 (5,0,15) and plastics.This course prepares students for clinical experience in areaCredit(s): 4Welding Technology hospital surgical suite and related departments.Prerequisites:SUTThis course includes clinical practice(WLT) 1113, SUT 1217Corequisites:SUTand didactic instruction in a clinical 1413, SUT 1614, SUT 1714 (4,4,0)affiliate.Surgical specialty areasWLT 1115 - Shielded Metal covered include general gynecology, obstetrics, genitourinary, ear, nose,Arc Welding I SUT 1634 - Advanced and throat; eye; oral and maxillofacial Surgical Proceduressurgery; orthopedics; plastics;Credit(s): 5 (Lecture)neurosurgery; thoracic; peripheral vascular and cardiovascular surgery. This course is designed to teach Credit(s): 4Prerequisites:SUT 1113, SUT 1217 students introductory welding Corequisites:SUT 1413, SUT 1614,techniques using the SMAW process. This course includes instruction inSUT 1624 (4,0,12)Prerequisite: WLT 1173 . (5,1,8) regional anatomy, pathology, instrumentation, techniques, and safeSUT 1724 - Clinical PracticeWLT 1124 - Gas Metal Arc patient care in surgical specialty areasIIWelding of neurosurgery, thoracic, peripheral vascular, cardiovascular surgery, employability skills, and all-hazardsCredit(s): 4Credit(s): 4 preparation.This course prepares the student for clinical experience in areaThis course includes clinical practiceThis course is designed to give the hospital surgical suites and relatedand didactic instruction in a clinicalstudent experiencein various welding departments and a comprehensiveaffiliate.Surgical specialty areasapplications with the GMAW process final examination.Prerequisites: covered include general gynecology,using various modes of transfer. SUT 1113, SUT 1217, SUT 1413,obstetrics, genitourinary, ear, nose,Prerequisite: WLT 1225 . (4,1,6) SUT 1614, SUT 1624, SUT 1714 and throat; eye; oral and maxillofacial Corequisites:SUT 1703, SUT 1724,surgery; orthopedics; plastics;WLT 1135 - Gas Tungsten SUT 1735 (4,4,0)neurosurgery; thoracic; peripheralArc Welding vascular and cardiovascular surgery.Prerequisites:All 1st and 2nd SUT 1703 - Certification andsemester coursework.Corequisites: Credit(s): 5 Role TransSUT 1634, SUT 1703, SUT 1735 (4,0,12)This course is designed to give the Credit(s): 3student experience in various welding SUT 1735 - Clinical Practiceapplications using the GTAW process. An in-depth study of the role of thePrerequisite: WLT 1143 . (5,1,8) III surgical technologist and review for the certification examination. TheWLT 1143 - Flux Cored Arc course examines liability, ethical andCredit(s): 5Welding legal issues of practice, adapting critical thinking skills to a variety ofThis course includes clinical practice and didactic instruction in a clinicalCredit(s): 3 practice settings, effective team andaffiliate.Surgical specialty areas professional behaviors and continuingcovered include general gynecology,This course is designed to give the education. Practice on computerobstetrics, genitourinary, ear, nose,student experience using FCAW 355'