b'process. Prerequisite: WLT 1225.reading, welding symbols andWeb Development (3,1,4)metallurgy. (2,1,2) Technology (WDT) WLT 1155 - Pipe WeldingWLT 1252 - Advanced Pipe WeldingWDT 1413 - Web Design Credit(s): 5Applications I Credit(s): 2 This course is designed to give theCredit(s): 3 student experience in pipe weldingThis course is designed to give the procedures. Prerequisite: WLT 1135 .student advanced pipe weldingApplication of various professional ( 5,1,8)techniques using shielded metal arcand personal web design applications. and gas tungsten arc weldingStudents will work with the latest WLT 1162 - Gas Metal Arcprocesses. Prerequisite: WLT 1155 .WYSIWYG editors, Aluminum Welding(2,1,2)animation/multimedia products, and photo editors. (3,1,4) Credit(s): 2WLT 1313 - Cutting ProcessesOther Courses This course is designed to give the student experience in Gas MetalCredit(s): 3AMR 1122 - Basic Aluminum Welding. Prerequisite:Leadership WLT 1124 . (2,1,2)This course is designed to give the student experience in oxyfuel cutting Credit(s): 2 WLT 1173 - Introduction toprinciples and practices, air carbonWelding and Safetyarcgouging and plasma arc cutting.Fundamental leadership and training Prerequisite: WLT 1173 . (3,1,4) techniques with exposure to setting Credit(s): 3direction, map reading, problem WLT 1915 - Specialsolving, presenting briefs and using This course is designed to giveProblems in Welding andeffective writing skills. Students will student an introduction to the weldingCutting Technologyexplore dimensions of leadership profession and experience in safetyattributes and core leader procedures related to welding. (3,2,2)competencies in the context of Credit(s): 5 practical, hands on, and interactiveWLT 1225 - Shielded MetalThis course is designed to provideexercises. Considerable attention is also placed on improving physical Arc Welding IIstudents with the opportunity to utilize fitness. Includes a leadership lab and skills and knowledge gained in other physical training. (2,1,2) Credit(s): 5Welding and Cutting Technology courses. The instructor and student work closely together to select a topicAMR 2112 - Individual This course is designed to teach students advanced welding techniquesand establish criteria for completionLeadership Studies using the SMAW process.of the project. (5,0,10) Prerequisite: WLT 1115 . (5,1,8)Credit(s): 2 WLT 2913 - Welding Code WLT 1232 - BlueprintDevelop effective military leadership Reading, Welding Symbols,Credit(s): 3skills: problem analysis, decision making, planning and organizing, and Metallurgydelegation and control, and This course is designed to give the student experience in the variousinterpersonal conflict resolution. Credit(s): 2welding codes and the experience inIncludes a leadership lab and physical interpretation of these codes. (3,3,0)training. (2,2,0) This course is designed to give the student experience in blueprint 356'