b'Enrollment SpecialistSharon White Superintendent of Physical PlantHeath Warren George County Center Administrative DeanVacant Instructional CoordinatorWill Overstreet Enrollment SpecialistDawn Richardson Support Services Coordinator/VA Certifying OfficialShellye Smith Committees and Department Chairs College Executive Council Dr. Mary S. Graham, President; Dr. Jason Pugh, Dr. Phil Bonfanti, Dr. Jonathan Woodward, Dr. Suzi Brown, Dr. Ladd Taylor, Dr. Tammy Franks, and Dr. Cedric Bradley. Jackson County Campus Committees Administrative Committee: T. Franks, L. Rhodes, J. Ferguson, and M. Sekul. Admissions Committee: M. Sekul, Chair; B. Lovorn, T. Franks, J. Moffett, D. Buie and T. Sasser (Admissions committees for Health Sciences Division Programs are appointed annually by the appropriate deans.) Awards:M. Sekul, Chair; B. Martino; B. Lovorn; J. Miller; J. Poelma; S. Nero; J. Sanderson Conduct: W. Everitt, Chair; A. Bradley; J. Sanderson and two student leaders. Employee Development Committee: L. Rhodes, Chair and faculty and staff members as appointed by the department chair or supervisor. Hospitality Committee: Hospitality: J. Ferguson, Chair; M. Sekul, Co-Chair; J. Webb; A. Dillard; B. Martino; A. Ballard; M. Davis; N. Leathers; S. Young; T. Sasser. Instructional Affairs: L. Rhodes, Chair; and department chairpersons. Learning Resources: M. Davis, Chair; LRC personnel, one representative from each department to be designated by the department chair. Scholarship: M. Sekul, Chair; A. Bradley, L. Rhodes, J. Ferguson; J. Poelma; Career Department Chair Student Activities: Presidents of the Student Government, SkillsUSA, and PTK, Treasurer of Student Government, M. Sekul; B. Martino. Student Publications: B. Martino, Editor of Student Yearbook. 361'