b"Articulation Agreements . 56Academic Load . 56Grades . 57A. Definitions of Letter Grades . 57B. Grade Changes Due to Error 58C. Quality Points and Grade Point Average (GPA) 58D. President's and Vice President's Lists. 58E. Academic Awards 58F. Auditing a Course . 58Scholastic Standards . 59Minimum Scholastic Standards of Progress 59Scholastic Probation . 59Scholastic Suspension . 59Returning to Good Standing . 59Readmission 59Health Sciences Division 60Technical Skills Attainment Assessment 60Transfer Students 60Scholastic Forgiveness of Grades . 60Procedure for Scholastic Forgiveness . 60Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress . 60Attendance Policy . 61Withdrawal Procedures . 61Credit by Non-Traditional Means . 61I. Credit for College Level Examination Program (CLEP) . 61II. Advanced Placement 62III. Credit by Departmental Examination 62IV. Credit for Life Experience Program . 63V. Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES) 63VI. Credit for Military Service Experience and Training 645"