b'Health Sciences Division Certain health sciences division programs require students to meet "program standards of progression" in order to continue in the program. Students not meeting these standards may continue to enroll at MGCCC in other programs as long as they maintain minimum MGCCC standards of progress. Technical Skills Attainment Assessment All students completing a career or technical program must complete either the MS-CPAS (Mississippi Career Planning and Assessment System) or an MGCCC Board- approved Technical Skills Attainment assessment where applicable. Students should see an advisor for further details. Transfer Students Credit from regionally accredited post secondary institutions will be added to the MGCCC transcript and articulated courses will be included in the overall GPA.Transfer students, once admitted, will be under the same scholastic probation, suspension, and re-admission policy as other students. Scholastic Forgiveness of Grades Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is committed to assisting students in the achievement of their educational goals through its open-door admissions policy. Some students are not academically prepared for college-level work or encounter problems that result in failure to achieve satisfactory grades. These students often make the decision to drop out or "stop out" until they are ready to continue their education. To alleviate the difficulties associated with low grade point averages, many institutions allow students to eliminate the computation of grades on previous work for purposes of graduation. This practice, commonly referred to as scholastic forgiveness, is not endorsed by all institutions. Any student readmitted to MGCCC may petition for scholastic forgiveness of grades as outlined in the following procedure. Scholastic forgiveness of grades does not change the policies and regulations that govern financial aid and veteran\'s benefits eligibility. Procedure for Scholastic Forgiveness 1.The student must complete the Petition for Scholastic Forgiveness of Grades, which may be obtained from the Director of Admissions. 2.The Petition for Scholastic Forgiveness must be made prior to the end of the second semester of readmittance following 24 consecutive months of non-enrollment at any post-secondary institution. 3.The student will be counseled as to the conditions outlined in this statement and on the Petition. The student should be advised that all college credits earned previous to a semester designated by the student will be eliminated from the computation of the student\'s grade point average and eliminated from all academic regulations such as probation, suspension, and honors. These eliminated credits may never be used toward graduation at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. 4.The student\'s transcript will reflect the complete scholastic record but will contain the notation at the appropriate point that all previous grades have been forgiven. 5.Scholastic forgiveness of grades can be declared only once and cannot be revoked once granted. 6.The completed Petition for Scholastic Forgiveness of Grades with appropriate signatures must be submitted to the Director of Admissions and filed in the student\'s permanent record. Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress differs from the Scholastic Standards of Progress. Students must meet the minimum financial aid satisfactory academic progress to receive financial aid. For example, the grade of "W" will count in hours attempted for financial aid purposes, but not in the cumulative grade point average. Students receiving financial aid should review "Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress" in the "Financial Information" section of this publication. 60'