Q: Is there any charge for students to use the Learning Lab?

A: No, the lab services are free to all MGCCC students.

Q: Do I have to have an appointment to use the Learning Lab?

A: Students desiring to receive assistance with writing should make an appointment 24 hours in advance. Other services require no appointment.

Q: May I bring my children to the Learning Lab?

A: Following College policy, the Learning Lab does not allow children. Please, as a courtesy to other lab patrons, make arrangements for your children whenever you need lab services.

Q: Am I allowed to check out materials overnight from the Learning Lab?

A: Lab materials are used in our facility. Many of the materials are video programs or software programs for which the lab owns only one copy. If an instructor places his / her materials on reserve in the lab and wishes for students to check them out, then of course that would be allowed.

Q: Am I allowed to receive tutorial assistance by telephone?

A: In most instances, tutoring over the telephone is very difficult, if not impossible.

Q: How do I know what hours the Learning Lab instructors work?

A: Hours are posted on this website, as well as in the Lab and around campus.

Q: How do students find out about workshops?

A: Flyers publishing dates and times are posted in the Learning Lab as well as around campus. Additionally, notices are posted on the website.

Q: Is the Learning Lab a quiet area for study?

A: The Learning Lab maintains a relatively quiet atmosphere, although it is not totally quiet because of instructional sessions in progress, students’ requests for materials and directions, and utilization of materials.

Q: Are computers available in the Learning Lab?

A: Computers provide students online access and also software for completion of classroom assignments.

Q: Is computer assistance available in the Learning Lab?

A: Limited assistance is available; however, for technical assistance students should visit the college’s computer lab in M 104.

Q: Are services provided for persons with physical limitations?

A: For the visually impaired, the lab provides a V-Tech reader, and a computer with both an enlarged keyboard and monitor. Additionally, a workstation with a touch-screen monitor is available.