Welcome to the reading resources website! This site was established by the members of the Quality Implementation Committee for MGCCC students and faculty to gain knowledge and research-based information for the improvement of reading comprehension at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

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501 Reading Comprehension QuestionsLearning Express, LLC
A Game: Nine Steps to Better Grades, TheSufka
Advanced Word Power (Instructor's Edition)Johnson & Gamer
Advancing Vocabulary Skills (Instructor's Edition)Nist & Mohr
Art of Critical Reading: Brushing Up on Your Reading, Thinking, and Study SkillsMather & McCarthy
Assessing for LearningMaki
Best Practices in College Reading and LearningHigbee, MacDonald, Van Blerkom, Payne & Smilkstein
Break it Down! Boost Your College Reading ComprehensionLott & Laird
Building Vocabulary Skills (Instructor's Edition)Nist & Mohr
Classroom Instruction that Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student AchievementMarzano
Collaborative Learning TechniquesBarkley, Cross & Major
College Reading and Study SkillsMcWhorter
College Reading Series (Instructor's Annotated Edition)
College Rules! How to Study, Survive, and Succeed in CollegeNist-Olejnik & Holschuh
Community College ExperienceBaldwin
Community College Experience Plus (2010)Baldwin
Concept Mapping: A Critical-Thinking Approach to Care PlanningSchuster
Confident StudentKanar
Connections: An Insider's Guide to College SuccessLatino, Moore & Moore
Coping With College: A Guide for Academic SuccessHamachek
Cornerstone: Discovering Your Potential, Learning Actively, and Living WellSherfield, Montgomery & Moody
Creating Electronic Graphic OrganizersWolny
Critical Reading for College and BeyondDaiek & Anter
Essential Study SkillsWong
Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics: The World Famous Speed-Reading ProgramWood
Everything Study BookFrank
Exercise Your College Reading Skills: Developing More Powerful ComprehensionElder
Groundwork for a Better Vocabulary (Instructor's Edtion)Johnson, Mohr & Goldstein
Groundwork for College Reading (Instructor's Edition)Langan
Groundwork for College Reading with Phonics (Instructor's Edition)Broderick & Langan
Handbook of Advanced Teaching Strategies for Adjunct and Part-Time FacultyGreive
Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy ResearchFlippo & Caverly
How to Read a Paragraph: The Art of Close ReadingPaul & Elder
Improving Vocabulary Skills (Instructor's Edition)Nist & Mohr
Introduction to Rubrics (2nd Edition)Stevens & Levi
Laughter is a Basic Skill: A Guide to Using the Comics to Teach Basic Reading SkillsMiller
Learning to Learn: Strengthing Study Skills and Brain PowerFrender
Making It Work: College Reading in ContextDiYanni
Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding and Independence for All LearnersRitchhart, Church & Morrison
New Worlds: An Introduction to College Reading (5th Edition)Elder
Notice & Note: Strategies for Close ReadingBeers & Probst
Now You Tell Me! 12 College Students Give the Best Advice They Never GotScott
Opening Doors: Understanding College ReadingCortina & Elder
Practical Student: Career-oriented SuccessWahlstrom, Williams & Dansby
Putting It Together: Basic College Reading in ContextDiYanni
Quest for Academic Successde Castillo
Reader's Corner (Instructor's Edition)Kanar
Reader's Handbook: Reading Strategies for College and Everyday LifeSmith
Reading and All That Jazz: Tuning Up Your Reading, Thinking, and Study SkillsMather & McCarthy
Reading and Study SkillsLangan
Reading Comprehension: Success in 20 Minutes a Day (4th ed.)Learning Express, LLC
Reading Smart: Advanced Techniques for Improved ReadingSchaffzin
Rhythms of College SuccessPiscitelli
School Skills 101: Get Better Grades, Save Time, and Reduce StressHoldbrooks Townsel
Sketchnote Handbook: The Illustrated Guide to Visual Note TakingRohde
Skilled Reader (Annotated Instructor's Edition)Henry
SOAR Study SkillsWoodcock Kruger
Study Strategies Made EasyDavis & Sirotowitz
Success in CollegeBurns
Super TeachingJensen
Taking Control of Your College Reading and LearningByrd, Carter & Waddoups
Teaching Applied Creative ThinkingSweet, Carpenter, Blythe & Apostel
Teaching in the Sciences: A Handbook for Part-Time Faculty and Adjunct FacultyCollins
Teaching Information Literacy: 50 Standards-Based Exercises for College StudentsBurkhardt & MacDonald
Teaching Nursing Using Concept MapsCaputi & Black
Teaching Reading and Study Strategies at the College LevelFlippo & Caverly
Teaching Strategies for Nurse EducatorsDeYoung
Teaching the Brain to Read: Strategies for Improving Fluency, Vocabulary, and ComprehensionWillis
Ten Steps to Advanced Reading (Instructor's Edition)Langan
Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading SkillsLangan
Ten Steps to Building College Reading SkillsLangan
Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills (5th Edition Instructor's Edition)Langan
Text Complexity: Raising Rigor in ReadingFisher, Frey & Lapp
Tool Box for Reading Strategies: Best Practices (LLS 1423 Workshop) 2011Watson
Tool Box for Reading Strategies: Best Practices (LLS 1423 Workshop) 2012Platt
Tool Box for Reading Strategies: Best Practices (LLS 1423 Workshop) 2013Platt
Tool Box for Reading Strategies: Best Practices (LLS 1423 Workshop) 2014Platt
Tool Box for Reading Strategies: Best Practices (LLS 1423 Workshop) 2015Platt
Vocabulary Basics (Instructor's edition)Nadell, Johnson & Langan
Your Complete Guide to College SuccessFoss


Brain-Compatible Classroom: Using What We Know About Learning to Improve TeachingErlauer
Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-based Strategies for Increasing Student AchievementMarzano, Pickering & Pollock
Continuum Guide to Successful Teaching in Higher EducationMartinez-Pons
Everday Readers: Reading and Popular CultureCollinson
Everything Guide to Study Skills: Strategies, Tips, and Tools You Need to SucceedMuchnick
Handbook of College Science Teaching: Theory, Research and PracticeMintzes & Leonard
How to Study, Seventh EditionFry
How to Teach So Students RememberSprenger
Infotext: Reading and LearningFeathers
Learning Maps and Memory SkillsSvantesson
Learning to Read Critically in Teaching and LearningPoulson & Wallace
Managing Institutional Self StudyWatson & Maddison
Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing: Making the Words Come AliveArmstrong
On Demand Writing: Applying the Strategies of Impromptu Speaking to Impromptu WritingWilliamson
Practical Approaches to Using Learning Styles in Higher EducationGriggs & Stafford
Read, Discuss, and Learn: Using Literacy Groups to Student AdvantageFisher
Reading Between the Lines: Perspectives on Foreign Language LiteracyPatrikis
Reading Research at WorkStahl, Morrow & McKenna
Regis Study Skills GuideWalsh & Reisig
Reflecting on Literacy in EducationHannon
Study Skills for Nursing and Midwifery StudentsGuest & Scullion
Study Skills for Psychology StudentsLatto & Latto
Study Skills Guide : Essential Strategies for Smart StudentsStudy Skills Guide : Essential Strategies for Smart Students
Studying at a Distance: A Guide for StudentsTalbot
Teaching the Brain to Read: Strategies for Improving Fluency, Vocabulary, and ComprehensionWillis
Ultimate Study Skills WorkbookMoore, Neville & Murphy
Varsity Vocabulary : Words for Standardized TestsMcDermott
Teaching, Learning and Study Skills: A Guide for TutorsSinfield
Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: If Not Me, Then Who?Urquhart
Teaching the Brain to Read: Strategies for Improving Fluency, Vocabulary, and ComprehensionWillis
Threads of Reading: Strategies for Literacy DevelopmentTankersley

Films on Demand

Active Listening and Note-Taking (Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students)Cambridge Educational
Active Reading: Reading for InformationMeridian Education
College Success: How to StudyCambridge Educational
College Success: Reading ChallengesCambridge Educational
College Success: Test-Taking TipsCambridge Educational
Cornell Note-Taking Method: Step OneDartmouth College
Critical Thinking SkillsCambridge Educational
Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving (Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students)Cambridge Educational
Keep ReadingFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Know the Purpose of Your ReadingFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Learning Strategies for General ChemistryDartmouth College
NoteTakingDartmouth College
Note-Taking SkillsCambridge Educational
PracticeFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Problem-Solving SkillsCambridge Educational
Prioritize ReadingFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Reading EnvironmentFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Reading EssentialsFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Reading for InformationMeridian Education
Scan Reading MaterialFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Steps Two and Three for Note-TakingDartmouth College
Study Strategies: Chem Lab TipsDartmouth College
Study Strategies: Note-Taking and Practice ProblemsDartmouth College
Study Strategies: Reading Assignments and Lecture PreparationDartmouth College
Studying and Test-TakingCambridge Educational
Take NotesFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
What is Active Listening?Cambridge Educational
What is Critical Thinking?Cambridge Educational
Why is Reading Important?Films for the Humanities & Sciences


Cornell Graphing Template
Cornell Notes TemplateCreative Commons
General Organizer TemplatesedHelper.com
Graphic OrganizersThinkport
Graphic OrganizersStudenthandouts.com
Graphic OrganizersEducation Oasis
Graphic Organizers TemplateHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
ISP Chart (Information, Sources, Page)Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt
KWL ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
KWS ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies InventoryMokhtari, K. & Reichard, C.
Persuasion MapHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
Planning ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
Problem-Solution ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
Sequence ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
SQ3R Guide SheetReading Educator
T-ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
Venn DiagramHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt


Reading StrategiesCentral Pennsylvania College

PowerPoint Presentations

Active Reading Keesee
College Students' Reading Motivation and Strategy Use: A Focus on Language Proficiency and Gender
Comprehension - That's What it's all About: Teaching Students How to Interact with Texts Across the Curriculum
Concept MapsCengage Learning
Concept Maps
Concept Maps: From Pencil to Virtual WorldCain
Cornell Note Taking SystemGalvez
Cornell Notes - StudentsSantiago
Effective Notetaking: It's About Listening
How to Use WordleDigital Maverick
Idea Mapping: How to Convert an Idea into a MapTree Book Gallery
Marzano Summarizing and Note TakingGeller
Metacognition in ReadingDjagna
Mind Mapping for Effective Content ManagementSaunders
Muscle Read
Muscle ReadingCengage Learning
Online Outliners & Mindmapping ToolsUniversity of Michigan
Reading as ThinkingSilveira
Reading Comprehension Strategies: What Good Readers Do to Understand What They ReadPizzuto
Reading Strategies: Tools to Tackle Text
Reading to Engage and Close Reading SkillsUCEW
Retelling for Comprehension: Not Just for Elementary KidsSmith
Two Column Notes Made EasyShahid
Types of Concept Maps

Itunes Videos

Academic Skills Workshop Series Centre for Student Development, McMaster University
Center for Teaching and Learning Stanford University
Close Reading Cooperative Eastern Illinois University

Youtube Videos

5 Active Reading Strategies Frank
Advanced Cornell Notes Caramagno
Classroom Assessment Technique: Concept Maps Center for Instructional Innovation
Cornell Note Taking Method Campwa
Cornell Notes Campea
How to Read Textbooks & Technical Material Nowak
How to Take Notes in Class: The 5 Best Methods Frank
Making Connections with Class Notes Piscitelli
Marzano’s Instructional Strategies – Summarizing & Note Taking Jones
Reading Strategies Bullivant
Reading Textbooks Using SQ4R UOIT
SQ3R – An Effective Active Reading Technique Wilson
SQ4R: Strategic Reading Piscitelli
Textbook Reading (SQ4R Reading Strategy) Lincoln Land Community College
Using Microsoft Word for Taking Notes with Recorded Audio QuadStar Digital
Using Your Textbook (for Something Other Than a Doorstop) The Penguin Prof
What is Active Reading ONDemand Instruction


Active Reading Procedures for Moderating the Effects of Poor Highlighting Gier, Herring, Hudnell, Montoya & Kreiner
Adult Education Literacy Instruction: A Review of the Research Kruidenier, MacArthur & Wrigley
Analytic and Pragmatic Factors in College Students’ Metacognitive Reading Strategies Taraban, Kerr & Rynearson
Are Nursing Students Engaged in Learning? A Secondary Analysis of Data From the National Survey of Student
Popkess & McDaniel
Assessment and Instruction of Oral Reading Fluency Among Adults with Low Literacy Mellard, Woods & Fall
Beliefs About Reading, Metacognitive Reading Strategies and Text Comprehension Among College Students in
a Private University
Best Practices in Vocabulary Instruction Blachowicz
Can Concept Mapping Be Used to Promote Meaningful Learning in Nurse Education? Irvine
Case for the Sentence in Reading Comprehension Scott, C.
Causation, Counterfactuals, and Critical Reading in the Active Classroom Ripley, B.
Close the Book. Recall. Write it Down Glenn, D.
Closing in on Close Reading Boyles, N.
Cognitive/concept mapping: a teaching strategy for nursing. All, A. & Havens, R.
College Students’ Academic Performance and Self-Reports of Comprehension Strategy Use Taraban, R., Rynearson, K., & Kerr, M.
College Students’ Beliefs About Comprehension When Reading for Different Purposes Linderholm, T. & Wilde, A.
Community-College Professor Finds Inspiration at Harvard Gonzalez, J.
Concept Mapping: Does it Improve Critical Thinking Ability in Practical Nursing Students? Maneval, R., Filburn, M., Deringer, S., & Lum, G.
Concept Mapping: Evaluating the Language Arts Methods Course Read, S.
Conceptual Framework for Teaching Critical Reading to Adult College Students Marschall, S. & Davis, C.
Connecting Reading and Writing: College Learners’ Metacognitive Awareness El-Hindi, A.
Creating Common Ground: Common Reading and the First Year of College Ferguson, M.
Critical Editing and Close Reading in the Undergraduate Classroom Kelemen, E.
CTE Teachers as Content Area Reading Teachers O’Connor, P.
Curmudgeon Leery of Composition Theory Mahon, R.
Defining College Readiness from the Inside Out: First-Generation College Student Perspectives Byrd, K. & MacDonald, G.
Developmental Progression of Referential Resolution in Comprehending Online Texts Yang, Y. & Hung, Y.
Discrepant SAT Critical Reading and Writing Scores: Implications for College Performance Shaw, E., Mattern, K. & Patterson, B.
Distractions, Distractions: Does Instant Messaging Affect College Students’ Performance on a Concurrent Reading
Comprehension Task?
Fox, A., Rosen, J., & Crawford, M.
Dyslexia and Difficulties with Study Skills in Higher Education Mortimore, T. & Crozier, W.
Effect of Concept Mapping on Students’ Learning Achievements and Interests Chiou, C.
Effect of Text Format Upon Underachieving First Year College Students’ Self-Efficacy for Reading and Subsequent
Reading Comprehension
McCabe, P., Kraemer, L., Miller, P., Parmar, R., & Ruscica, M.
Effective Study Strategies Fultz, N.
Effects of a Nursing Literature Reading Course on Promoting Critical Thinking in Two-Year Nursing Program
Chen,F. & Lin, M.
Effects of Discourse Type on Recall Meyer, B. & Freedle, R.
Effects of Diversity Experiences on Critical Thinking Skills: Who Benefits? Loes, C., Pascarella, E. & Umbach, P.
Effects of Reading and Writing Upon Thinking and Learning McGinley, W.
Effects of Wide Reading vs. Repeated Readings on Struggling College Readers’ Comprehension Monitoring Skills Ari, O.
Encouraging College Student Success: The Instructional Challenges, Response Strategies, and Study Skills
of Contemporary Undergraduates
Kuo, J., Hagle, C. & Miller, M.
Examination of the Impact of Information-Skills Training on the Academic Work of Health-Studies Students:
A Single Case Study
Appleton, L.
Expanding the Simple View of Reading in Accounting for Reading Skills in Community College Students Macaruso, P. & Shankweiler, D.
Exploratory Study of Student Perspectives O’Gara, L., Karp, M. & Hughes, K.
Extending Research on the Validity of Brief Reading Comprehension Rate and Level Measures to College Course
Williams, R., Skinner, S., & Jaspers, K.
Faculty Strategies for Content Reading. Rutan, I.
Feeling Fake in the Classroom Scheck, A.
Flare from the Margins: The Place of Professional Writing in English Departments Rentz, K.
From Active Reading to Reading for Acting: A Case Study of the Transformational Power of Reading Barden, O.
Grading System for Composition Papers Mahon, R.
Harmful Effects of Preexisting Inappropriate Highlighting on Reading Comprehension and Metacognitive Accuracy Gier, V., Kreiner, D., & Natz-Gonzalez, A.
Harvard Report on Reading Harvard
How Prepared Are Students for College Level Reading? Applying a Lexile[R]-Based Approach. Issues & Answers. Wilkins, C., Hartman, J., Howland, N., & Sharma, N.
How to Enhance Reading Comprehension Through Metacognitive Strategies Cubukcu, F.
Ideas in Practice: Supplemental Instruction in Freshman Composition Hafer, G.
Impact of Internet and Television Use on the Reading Habits and Practices of College Students Mokhtari, K. & Reichard, C. & Gardner, A.
Improving Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills of Secondary-Level Students from Diverse Backgrounds McCollin, M., O’Shea, D. J., & McQuiston, K.
Increasing Secondary Reading Comprehension and Reading Proficiency Across Content Areas Zimmerman, M.
Instructional Tools for Nursing Education: Concept Maps. All, A., Huycke, L., & Fisher, M.
Interaction Chain Patterns of Online Text Construction with Lexical Cohesion Yeh, H., Yang, Y., & Wong, W.
Investigation of the SOAR Study Method Jairam, D., & Kiewra, K.
It’s Almost a Mindset That Teachers Need to Change’: First-Year Students’ Need to be Inducted into Time Management van der Meer, J., Jansen, E. & Torenbeek, M.
Learning Communities for Students in Developmental Reading: An Impact Study at Hillsborough Community College.
NCPR Brief.
Weiss, M. J. ; Visher, M. G. ; Wathington, H.
Learning How to Learn: A Model for Teaching Students Learning Strategies Nordell, S.
Like the Whole Class Has Reading Problems”: A Study of Oral Reading Fluency Activities in a High Intervention
Goering, C. & Baker, K.
Little Shame Goes a Long Way Zimmerman, J.
Making Learning Visible: The Role of Concept Mapping in Higher Education Hay, D., Kinchin, I., & Lygo-Baker, S.
Measuring Adult Literacy Students’ Reading Skills Using the Gray Oral Reading Test Greenberg, D., Pae, H., Morris, R., Calhoon, M. & Nanda, A.
Measuring College Students’Rreading Comprehension Ability Using Cloze Tests. Williams, R., Ari, O., & Santamaria, C.
Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies Inventory Mokhtari, K. & Reichard, C.
Motivating Novice Students to Read Their Textbooks Farlex
Narrow View of Reading Promotes a Broad View of Comprehension Catts, H.
Navigating Troubles in Paradise Well, S.
Note-Taking Skills of University Students With and Without Learning Disabilities Hughes, C. & Suritsky, S.
Nursing Instructors Must Also Teach Reading and Study Skills White, H.
Paraphrasing: An Effective Comprehension Strategy Kletzien, S.
Postsecondary Reading: What Writing Center Tutors Need to Know Griswold, W.
Practice, Practice, Practice: How to Improve Students’ Study Skills Rozalski, M.
Predicting Textbook Reading: The Textbook Assessment and Usage Scale Gurung, R. & Martin, R.
Quantitative and Qualitative Measures of Student Learning at University Level Hay, D., Wells, H., & Kinchin, I.
Read-Recite-Review Study Strategy: Effective & Portable McDaniel, M., Howard, D., & Einstein, G.
Reading between the Lines: What the ACT Reveals about College Readiness in Reading American College Testing (ACT), Inc..
Reading Faster Nation, P.
Reading Strategy Instruction, Metacognitive Awareness, and Self-Perception of Striving College Developmental
Hong-Nam, K. & Leavell, A.
Reading with Purpose Linderholm, T.
Reciprocal Teaching of Lecture Comprehension Skills in College Students Spivey, N. & Cuthbert, A.
Relationship Between Reading Comprehension Skill Assessment Methods and Academic Success for 1st Semester
Students in a Selected Bachelor of Science Nursing Program in Texas
Cook, J.
Rescuing Reading at the Community College Long, T.
Resistance to Reading Compliance Among College Students: Instructor’s Perspectives Lei, S., Bartlett, K., Gorney, S., & Herschbach, T.
Reflections on a Faculty Learning Community Experience Phillips, B. & Phillips, F.
Review of the Effectiveness of Guided Notes for Students who Struggle Learning Academic Content Haydon, T., Mancil, G., Kroeger, S., McLeskey, J., & Wan-Yu, J.
Shifting Professional Identities: Reflections on a Faculty Learning Community Experience Dees, D., Zavota, G., Emens, S., Harper, M., Kan, K., Niesz, T., Tu, T., Devine, M., & Hovhannisyan, G.
Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension Among College Students Lei, S., Rhinehart, P., Howard, H. & Cho, J.
Strategies to Facilitate Reading Comprehension Among College Transition Students Di Tommaso, K.
Struggle to Ensure That Learning Takes Place Gekker, K.
Study Skills and Habits of Female University Students Al-Hilawani, Y. & Sartawi, A.
Teaching Adults to Read With Reading Apprenticeship Lesmeister, M.
Teaching Note-Taking Ski9lls to Underachieving College Students Robin, A., Foxx, R., Martello, J. & Archable, C.
Teaching Reading Strategies and Reading Comprehension Within a Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment Dreyer, C. & Nel, C.
Teaching Students to Summarize Anderson, V. & Hidi, S.
Teaching Textual Conversations: Intertextuality in the College Reading Classroom Armstrong, S. L. & Newman, M.
Ten Lively Lessons Using the Daily Newspaper Rhoades, L.
To Learn to Think in College, Write-A Lot McCarroll, C.
Toward the New Literacy: Changes in College Students’ Reading Comprehension Strategies Following Reading/Writing
Falk-Ross, F.
Transcending the Divide: Where College and Secondary Reading and Study Research Coincide Flippo, R.
Underachievement Among College Students Balduf, M.
Using a Constructivist Approach With Online Concept Maps: Relationship Between Theory and Nursing Education Conceicao, S. & Taylor, L.
Using an Electronic Highlighter to Eliminate the Negative Effects of Pre-Existing, Inappropriate Highlighting Gier, V., Kreiner, D., Hudnell, J., Montoya, J., & Herring, D.
Using Open-Book Tests to Strengthen the Study Skills of Community-College Biology Students Phillips, G.
Using Research ro Bring Interactice Learning Strategies into General Education Mega-Courses Prather, E., Rudolph, A. & Brissenden, G.
Validity of Highlighting on Text Comprehension So, J. & Chan, A.
Validity of Using a Content-Specific Reading Comprehension Test for College Placement Behrman, E. & Street, C.
Verbal Ability and the Processing of Scientific Text with Seductive Detail in Sentences McCrudden, M., & Corkill, A.
Writing to Read: Evidence for How Writing Can Improve Reading Graham, SW. & Hebert, M.


Active Reading: Comprehension and Rate Dartmouth
Active Reading Strategies Princeton University
Active Reading Strategies Slippery Rock University
Art of Close Reading (Part One) Elder, L. & Paul, R.
Art of Close Reading (Part Two) Elder, L. & Paul, R.
Art of Close Reading (Part Three) Elder, L. & Paul, R.
A.S.P.I.R.E. A Study System Study Guides and Strategies
B-D-A (Before, During, After)
Before-During-After Framework Reading Quest
Concept Map Examples Kwantlen University
Critical Thinking and Nursing Heaslip, P.
Five Keys to Helping Students Read Difficult Texts Center for Teaching & Learning
Flashcard Maker Quizlet
Graphic Organizers Houghton Mifflin
Graphic.org Graphic.org
Holt Graphic Organizer Teaching Notes Holt
How to Choose Between Different Styles of Thinking Maps wikiHow
How to Read a Scientific Research Paper: A Four-Step Guide for Students and for Faculty Hampshire College
How to Retain Information College Atlas
How to Study and Learn (Part One) Critical Thinking Community
How to Study and Learn (Part Two) Critical Thinking Community
How to Study and Learn (Part Three) Critical Thinking Community
How to Study and Learn (Part Four) Critical Thinking Community
Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire North Carolina State University
Jung Typology Test Human Metrics
Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligence, and Differentiated Instruction Virginia’s CTE Resource Center
Learning Styles (Math Study Skills) Math Study Skills
Mind Map Wales, J.
Myers & Briggs Personality Inventory Myers & Briggs Foundation
Note Taking Systems Cal Poly
Professional Development Model – Colleges and Universities that Foster Critical Thinking Foundation for Critical Thinking
Quizlet Quizlet
R.A.F.T. Assignments daretodifferentiate
Rapid Reading Cornell
Reading Methods: PORPE Sweet Briar’s Academic Resourse Center
Reading Your Textbooks Effectively and Efficiently Dartmouth
REDW How.to.Study.com
Specific Types of Reading Strategies Evergreen State College
SQ3R Reading System Columbia College
SQ4R: A Solid Textbook Study System Lansing Community College
Study Guides and Strategies Study Guides and Strategies
Teaching Strategies: Learning Styles in the Composition Classroom Suite 101
Teaching Students to Interact with Text ASCD
Teaching Style Survey Grasha-Riechmann
Text 2 Mind Map
Using Annotations for Close Reading Exercises Columbia Center for New
Vocabulary Self-Selection Strategy – VVS West Virginia Department of Education
What Can We Learn From Developmental Reading Research in Postsecondary Education? National College Transition Network
What is Mind Mapping? (and How to Get Started Immediately) Litemind
Word Templates and Cornell Note Taking Productivity Portfolio

In-house Workshops

Concept Mapping Robasciotti, N.
Cornell Note Taking (video) Platt, C.
Our Students & Our Colleges/Universities (PDF) Sufka, K.
SQ3R (YouTube) Ehrman, D.
Test Taking Oatis, B.

Outside Workshops

How to Motivate Students: Critical Thinking (YouTube) Piscitelli, S.
How to Motivate Students: How Big is Your But? (YouTube) Piscitelli, S.
How to Motivate Students: P.R.I.D.E. Piscitelli, S.
Our Students & Our Colleges & Universities Sufka


Critical Thinking Rubric
Math Problem Solving Rubric
Oral Communication Rubric
Technology Application Rubric
Written Communication Rubric