Blue stage curtain with textThe Premiere Experience Coming to a Campus Near Your Fall 2020
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is introducing the Premiere Experience for students this fall, allowing for more flexibility in their college experience. Through the Premiere Experience at MGCCC, students can take either online or HyFlex courses. The online format will be similar to online offerings in the past, but may be more robust with additional services and technologies. With the HyFlex model, students can choose to attend class on campus or virtually, and make use of video conferencing and video of individual class sessions.

Premiere Experience Features

  • Unlike strictly online classes, HyFlex classes will allow students to participate in a traditional classroom and receive in-person support from instructors and other students.
  • There will be certain classes, most notably those in career and technical areas, that may mandate face-to-face attendance on a more regular schedule.
  • For students who prefer virtual engagement, they may be able to meet with instructors and other students through video conferences and chats, watch video lectures and attend class virtually.
  • The Premiere Experience will offer Gulf Coast students the best educational opportunities for their needs.

HyFlex FAQ


Get a quality education that won't leave you in debt. Options include one-year, one-cost career programs. Financial aid assistance, grants and scholarships are available.
Campus locations throughout
the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Jackson, George, Harrison, and Stone Counties
Personalized Instruction
MGCCC offers smaller class sizes and more one-on-one time with instructors committed to your success.
Flexible Class Options
Students may choose from a variety of options including: online, hybrid-flexible, in-person, weekend, night, short-term, and/or full term. Scheduling is fully customizable.
Highly Qualified Instructors
Our instructors are not only experts in their fields, they are also dedicated to fostering academic relationships with students and offering assistance during regular office hours.
Campus Life
Get involved with athletics and our many student clubs and organizations. Enjoy the convenience of on campus dining, residence halls, health clinics and fitness centers, childcare and more.
School and Life Balance
Complete core classes needed for any of your academic pursuits in an affordable, convenient atmosphere. The hybrid format breaks down boundaries between virtual and physical classrooms.
Ease of Transfer
Agreements with in-state colleges and universities and many others across the region ensure Gulf Coast students receive the maximum number of transfer credits, up to 90 credit hours!
Transfer Scholarships
MGCCC graduates were awarded millions of dollars in transfer scholarships last year. Visit our Emerging Scholars page to view some of these opportunities.