• Interpreter Training Technology

    In this program, students learn how to interpret spoken English into American Sign Language and to translate American Sign Language into spoken English through role-playing and the use of video tapes. In addition training will be given in transliteration and oral interpretation. Other course topics will include communication skills, psychology of deafness, linguistics, deaf culture and educational interpreting. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a practicum program at local technical facilities, in local educational settings, and other area settings.
  • Graphic Design Technology

    The Graphic Design Technology curriculum is a two-year program of study designed to prepare the student for entry-level employment and advancement in the field of graphic design, commercial art, media art, and web graphics. Students receive instruction in the design and execution of printed publications, packaging, web graphics, illustrations, rendering, logo design, and design principles necessary to produce designs for printed ads, books, posters, billboards, catalogs, brochures, and other forms of visual communications. Course work references industry specifications, including the selection of ink and paper, screen printing, sign making, and other printing/binding techniques.