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About the Program

The Commercial and Residential Construction Technology program is designed to prepare individuals for employment opportunities in commercial and residential building general maintenance and repairs. Content of the program includes federal, state, and local codes; and basic maintenance of heating and cooling systems, ice machines, refrigerators, electrical, plumbing, welding, irrigation, and building components.

Degree Options and Requirements

All students completing a career and technical program must complete either the MS-CPAS (Mississippi Career Planning and Assessment System) or a MGCCC Board-approved Technical Attainment Assessment where applicable.

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Commercial and Residential Construction Technology Coursework

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Commercial and Residential Construction Technology Certificate

Course Credit(s)
CRM 1114 - Fundamentals of Maintenance Services 4
CRM 1123 - Maintenance Regulations 3
CRM 1134 - Mathematics and Blueprint Interpretation 4
CRM 1214 - Carpentry 4
CRM 1414 - Plumbing 4
CRM 1514 - Electrical 4
CRM 1614 - Heating ,Ventilating, and Air Conditioning 4
CRM 1223 - Surface Finishes 3

Total Credits: 30

Commercial and Residential Construction Technology Diploma

Course Credit(s)
CRM 1314 - Masonry 4
CRM 1432 - Landscape Irrigation 2
CRM 1714 - Special Problems in Welding 4
CRM 2915 - Special Projects in CRM 5

Total Credits: 15

A.A.S.O.E. Degree

Course Credit(s)
ENG 1113 - English Composition I 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences 3
Math/Natural Science * 3/4
Humanities/Fine Arts 3
SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I 3

Total Credits: 15/16


Articulated credit may be awarded for approved courses. Please refer to “The Credit by Non-Traditional Means” regarding stipulations for receiving articulated credit.

*MAT 1313 or any natural science with a lab.

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