MGCCC Automotive Mechatronics

The courses for this program are offered at the Jackson County Campus.

The Automation/Mechatronics Associate in Applied Science degree is a two-year program designed to prepare graduates for a position in industrial and facility maintenance. Graduates of the Automation/Mechatronics program will have a variety of options available to them. Many students seek immediate employment upon graduation while others continue their education as a full-time student in a bachelor’s degree program.

Automation/Mechatronics Certificate - Semester I (15 Credits)

Course Credit(s)
CTE 1143 - NCCER Core
ELT 1143 - AC and DC Circuits
ELT 1253 - Branch Circuit and Service Entrance Calculations
ELT 1213 - Electrical Power
ELT 1273 - Switch Circuits

Automation/Mechatronics Certificate - Semester II (15 Credits)

Course Credit(s)
ELT 1263 - Electrical Drawings and Schematics
ELT 1413 - Motor Control Systems
ELT 1113 - Residential Wiring
ELT 1123 - Commercial Wiring
ABT 1143 - Structural Analysis and Damage Repair I

Automation/Mechatronics Diploma - Semester III (15 Credits)

Course Credit(s)
ELT 2113 - Equipment Maintenance and Troubleshooting
ELT 2423 - Solid State Motor Control
ELT 2623 - Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers
ELT 2613 - Programmable Logic Controllers

Associate of Applied Science Degree (15/16 Credits)

Course Credit(s)
ENG 1113 - English Composition I
SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I
Math/Natural Science Elective 3/4
Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3


Articulated credit may be awarded for approved courses. Please refer to “The Credit by Non-Traditional Means” section of this catalog regarding stipulations for receiving Articulated credit.

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