MGCCC University Transfer

Transferring to a university after Gulf Coast?

Consider this: Students who complete their first two years of coursework at Gulf Coast and then transfer to a four-year institution have equal or, in many cases, higher grade point averages than students who transfer from other community colleges or who start their education at that four-year institution. A lot of words to say, “Community college is the best place to start.” Here’s another fact: Three out of four students enroll at Gulf Coast with the plan to move on to four-year institutions after they earn an associate’s degree.

MGCCC participates in the Articulation Agreement between Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning and Mississippi State Board for Community and Junior Colleges. This agreement has been adopted to help students understand which courses at MGCCC will transfer for credit toward a bachelor’s degree at public Universities throughout Mississippi.

Choosing Classes

Make sure that the classes you take will transfer to the four-year college or university of your choice by using the Mississippi Articulation Transfer Tool (MATT). The tool can take you step-by-step through the process, or you can browse the courses of each institution.

Once you are enrolled at MGCCC, you’ll be assigned an academic advisor within your field of study to assist you with class selection and monitor your progress.

Explore the University Transfer Preparation Pathways

Each of the following Pathways encompass a number of majors.