Tina Nguyen

Because it has such amazing professors and great student life, MGCCC has given me the flexibility to progress in my academic career while working and building my resume for veterinary school. I’m also able to be involved in clubs such as PTK, which will benefit me greatly as I prepare to transfer to a four-year institution.

Even as a child, Tina Nguyen had an affinity for animals.  If a neighbor walked by with a dog, she was automatically drawn to talk to the dog and not the neighbor.  She knew all of the pets by name on the streets around her parents’ home.

As she grew older, she discovered that she loved science, especially biology, and knew that she wanted to major in medicine. Because she had never had a pet, she thought about majoring in veterinary science, but never let the thought go too far.  She settled on nursing, but discovered that treating human patients was not her passion.  She was still drawn to animals.

“I decided to shadow a few veterinarians, regardless of all my doubts,” she says. “My observations from these extraordinary veterinarians have made a tremendous impact on my ambitions.”

She said she was touched by the kindness and compassion they showed each owner and pet. “They showed such caring and put aside their time off to attend to every emergency no matter the time of day, slept next to hospitalized patients to assure they made through the night, and always seemed to go above and beyond in any medical endeavors they encountered. I was truly inspired by all of their efforts, and knew that I wanted to impact lives the way they do.”

In her free time, she loves to volunteer at the local animal shelter.  She also enjoys music and working out at the gym.  At the college, she is part of the Phi Theta Kappa leadership team at the chapter and regional levels, serving as vice president and Southern Regional Representative for PTK.  She is also a member of the STEM Club.

She enjoys traveling and competing with her PTK chapter and her regional team against other chapters in the region, nation and world.  “I’m fortunate to be a part of Phi Theta Kappa,” she says.  “It allows me to work with other college students to improve the college and our communities. I also have excellent opportunities for scholarships.”

Nguyen was recently named a Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar and one of only 25 students in the world to be named an Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholar.

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