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So many people don’t realize the opportunities for scholarships available to them when they attend a community college,” he says.  “Through PTK and with transfer scholarships offered by various universities, and with the low cost of attending community college, you can actually complete your education with little or no student debt.  Considering I have many years of college to go, that’s an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

Joshua Watson had not planned to stay at home after graduating from Biloxi High School in 2019, but he said he is glad he decided to remain on the Gulf Coast and attend MGCCC.

“I’m a lifelong resident of Biloxi and can’t really think of another place I’d rather be,” he says.  “The Gulf Coast has so much to offer.  It’s great to be able to stay here and go to college.”

After graduating from MGCCC in May 2021, he plans to get his bachelor’s degree and complete a doctorate in pharmacy.

“I want to ultimately get my pharmacy degree and come back to Biloxi to open my own business,” he says.

At MGCCC, Watson is involved in both Phi Theta Kappa and the Honors College.  He recently received the Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Certification Scholarship, which will help cover costs for certification exams in his career field.

“Both my instructors and PTK advisers at Gulf Coast have been so instrumental in helping me plan my continuing education and have given me the tools to succeed,” he says. “I’m proud to attend school here because of the school’s reputation in the community for quality education.”

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