Anfernee Thomas

Anfernee is currently using the training that he gained from Mr. Brent Bond at MGCCC while working as an electrician at Murphy Electric in Gulfport. He is currently specializing in residential and light commercial electrical work. The QEP team recently caught up with Mr. Thomas to ask him about how he uses Essential Skills in his day-to-day work. He commented on the importance of punctuality as well as effective communication in the workplace.

“Being on time not only shows respect for my employer, but it shows that I value and respect myself as an asset at Murphy Electric. Being on time also increases the chances that my supervisor and co-workers will view me as being committed to my job and responsibilities. Consistently arriving to work on time demonstrates my commitment to my job and the organization; by doing so I build desirable traits that employers value.”

Anfernee appreciates the value of effective communication in avoiding costly and potentially dangerous mishaps in the workplace. He shares, “Working in the Electrical field I must be fully attentive to the directions and advice. A slight mistake can cause serious consequences. As an electrician, you must learn to communicate with co-workers as well as clients. You have to know how to communicate with others so that your job can be completed both properly and safely. I can recently recall a day on the job when workers (wired) two homes to the same circuit, which caused the circuit to be overpowered. This could have been avoided if the lines of communication were better between the two electricians.” This situation could have led to much more dire consequences in addition to monetary loss for the company in labor costs.

Anfernee praised his instructor at MGCCC who prepared him well for the job that he proudly holds. He contends that “Mr. Bond has played a vital role in my life over the past 18 months. I enrolled in the Electrical Technology Program as an 18-year-old straight out of high school with no electrical experience but was eager to learn. He pushed me to my fullest potential, constantly giving me feedback and constructive criticism. With his help, I was able to earn my Associate Degree in Electrical Technology in 16 months and become employed full-time with Murphy Electric of Gulfport, Mississippi. I truly appreciate the hard work of Mr. Bond, and the time he took to train me in this growing trade as I strive to become a Master Electrician.”

The admiration is mutual, as Mr. Bond speaks with great pride about his former student. “Anfernee was a serious student who I knew would be a great asset to any company that hired him. I keep up with him and we talk a lot about his job and his future.”

Congratulations to Anfernee Thomas for his current and future success in the field for which MGCCC prepared him to thrive!

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