Alaina Olsen

She is president of the Student Government Association, vice president of Leadership for the campus’ Phi Theta Kappa chapter and is a member of the Reflections Team.  She also manages to fit in a full load of classes and a part-time job working at Educate and Celebrate on Cowan Road.


“I just love being involved on my campus and in the community,” she said.  “COVID slowed things down a bit, but now we seem to be getting back in the full swing. I’m thrilled because I really am a people person.”


Last year, she was freshman class president and served on several SGA committees.  “Things were, of course, slower then, but being involved was great fun.  I just knew I wanted to do more.”


An elementary education major, Olsen says she plans to attend Mississippi State University after graduating in May.  “I want to teach first-, second-, or third-grade math and grammar or maybe fifth- or sixth-grade social studies.  I haven’t really firmed that up yet.”


She says working at Educate and Celebrate, which is a teacher supply store, is fun and educational.  “I put supplies together for classrooms, and I’m learning what kinds of resources are available and what teachers prefer to use.  It is preparing me for my future career as a teacher.”


She said she ultimately plans to get her master’s degree in education administration and eventually become a principal.  “I want to teach for a few years, but my eye is on administration.  I feel like I can make more of an impact at that level.”


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