Edna and her son, Julian.

“It has been difficult because I did not speak English before coming to Mississippi. I do have problems in class because sometimes I cannot express myself, but my instructors have been terrific.  My English has improved so much since I started college.”

Majoring in engineering at the college’s Jackson County Campus, she plans to continue her studies in Engineering on the Coast, a partnership between MGCCC and Mississippi State University to offer four-year engineering degrees to students at the Jackson County Campus.  She wants to be a mechanical engineer and eventually work on car engines to improve emissions and environmental pollution.

An Excelerate in STEM Scholar, she said the scholarship has helped her pay for college and transportation back and forth to school.  Because she has a son, Julian, 3, she must drive back and forth to not just Gautier for classes, but also to Pascagoula to leave Julian with his grandmother while she is in class.

There is a lot of driving involved, especially since we begin and end our day in Gulfport, but it is worth it to get my degree,” she said.  “I am looking forward to finishing and begin working.”

On campus, she is involved in Phi Theta Kappa and Archery and is vice president of Scholarships for the Hispanic American Club.  She said that being involved in these activities has helped her improve her English.  While class is still a struggle, she credits her instructors with helping her.

“My instructors have been very helpful, especially Mr. Miller and Mrs. Sims,” she said. “If I have any questions or if I misunderstand something, they are always very careful to explain it clearly. Because of the help I’ve received, my grades are great.  I am so surprised that I have been able to do so well.”





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