Katherine Hittle portrait

Getting my degree in criminal justice from MGCCC puts me on the road to reaching my ultimate goal of working for a federal agency in the intelligence field. I am getting an excellent education here at a great cost.  I love my instructors and the campus as a whole.  I would recommend the college to anyone, and in fact, have encouraged my son to attend college here.

Katherine Hittle, originally from Peru, moved to Gulfport in 2014.  After working for a federal contractor for a number of years, she decided to pursue a degree in criminal justice.  She visited William Carey University, planning to begin college there, when one of the instructors in the department encouraged her to attend Gulf Coast for her associate degree first.

“Instructors at a university recommending the program at MGCCC said a lot to me about the quality of the program here,” Hittle says.  “And they were absolutely right.  The program at the Harrison County Campus is outstanding, and all of my instructors at the campus are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.”

Hittle said her son, Lukas, plans to attend MGCCC next year to major in game design.  “He is very excited about the new game design program and is looking forward to attending Gulf Coast.”


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Maxwell Greenough II

My favorite times at MGCCC were participating in Student Life activities. While all of us may not have been in the same clubs with similar majors or even the same classes, everyone on our campus came together at our JC Student Life events like we were a big Gulf Coast family.  I even enjoyed the setting up and cleaning up for these events because we were all together and having fun.  Working together for a common goal is what community and family are all about.

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