Chad McKnight in the library

“I decided to attend MGCCC because it made me feel like I was at home,” he said. “I had heard many great things about the school from friends, and Gulf Coast is known for its excellent soccer program. I mean, we have the best coach in Mississippi, Coach Handy! Going to a good school, playing for the best team in the MACCC, plus I already had friends at Perk.  Top all of that with meeting so many new people.  It doesn’t get any better than that! Gulf Coast has lived up to all of my expectations!”

Chad McKnight is a pre-medicine/biology major at the Perkinston Campus.  A member of the Men’s Soccer Team, he spends a lot of time at practice or playing games.  He always finds time to be involved on campus and to focus on his grades. 

“I enjoy living on campus and participating in all of the activities we have here,” he said. “I miss that things have been so limited since COVID, but I still enjoy it because we are a family here.”

From Byram, a community near Jackson, McKnight visits his mom, dad and little brother as often as possible.  “My parents are just the best and my brother, Landon, is my mini me. He is the best gift my parents could have given me, so I look forward to visiting with them on holidays and weekends.”

He said his family often travels during breaks.  “My family and I are not home bodies,” he said. “We love traveling and experiencing new things, and while we have had to be a bit creative about it in the last year, we have always found a way.”

On campus, he enjoys working part-time in the fitness center and working out.  He also enjoys working at orientation and other Reflections events.  “The best part of the year, of course, is soccer season, but I also love showing future Bulldogs around campus during events like Freshman Orientation and Bulldog Day.  The Perkinston Campus is a great place to be and is especially fun when the campus has events where you can meet new people.”

Because he is so busy, he is often cramming in activities at the last minute. “The toughest part about college is learning how to balance your academic, athletic, and social life equally,” he said. “It can get a bit frustrating, but in the end, I always find way to make it work.”

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