Robert Pittman

Robert Pittman of Pascagoula is a student in the Electrical Technology program at the George County Center. Called “Mini Pitt” at home, he is actually 5 inches taller than his father, who is the “Big Pitt.”

“It’s always a joke with us that I’m the mini,” he said. “But the name stuck when I was much younger, so we just keep it.” At 21, he is the youngest in the family and the only boy. He has two older sisters.

“I’m probably a little spoiled because I’m the youngest, and my sisters really dote on me,” he said.

Starting out in mechanical engineering and then graphic design, electrical technology is his third major. “I couldn’t settle in on what I wanted. I actually received an associate degree in art from the Jackson County Campus, and I still enjoy drawing.”

He is interested in fantasy characters, especially anime and cars. “I love the Gundam series of anime and draw many of the robots from that. I also like cars. In fact, I enjoy models as well and do model kits of both Gundam and cars.”

Pittman graduates this year and said he will miss his time at the college. “I’m going to miss a lot of people at the college, but especially my instructors. I have enjoyed taking classes from Mr. (Marc) Poole at JC and from Mr. (Alan) Cook at GC.”

“I’ve spent three years at Gulf Coast and can truthfully say I’ve enjoyed every minute. I’m going to miss my instructors and the staff when I graduate. Everyone here is really great.”

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