Matthew Cochran

“I was in pre-pharmacy and just decided that was not for me.  I switched to Electrical Technology and I love it!  The people in this program are just a lot livelier and more colorful.  Our instructor is always fun and always has a joke to tell,” he said.

Cochran said one of the things he enjoys about class is the age diversity.  “We have people in class who are 18 years old and know nothing about electricity and then we have a 50-year-old who knows a lot about everything but wants to learn more.  I think that makes the classes we take together a lot more meaningful.”

On the Reflections Team while at Perk, Cochran said he is more interested now in focusing on his studies, his family and taking it easy.  “I loved being a part of the Reflections Team and all of the other activities I was in at Perk, but I have to say that I’m enjoying having more time to myself now.  I like taking it easy.”

What’s next for Cochran?  “Getting a job after I graduate this May,” he said. “I have to put this education to use eventually.  In fact, I am looking forward to getting out there and putting all my training to work.”