Kristina Winter with her MGCCC patch

“I’ve always wanted to be in a profession centered around helping people and respiratory therapy offers me that opportunity,” she said.  “I love that it is a very specialized health care occupation.”

When not on campus volunteering with the Respiratory Club, she enjoys reading, shopping, and spending time with her parents, sister, two chihuahuas, two cats and her boyfriend.

“My boyfriend is also in health care, so we study together a lot, and we recognize that both of us are facing very stressful careers.  We agree that the key is to be with those we love and to spend time doing what we enjoy as often as we can.”

A native of Wiggins, Winter has long round trips to class each day.  She said it is worth it though.

“I just really enjoy my program and what I’m learning,” she said. “I look forward to passing my boards and going to work at a local hospital.”

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