Kimber Smith wearing crown

Kimber Smith, of Saucier, is currently serving as Miss Teen United States. While only beginning pageant competition a year ago, she has also won titles as Miss Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, Miss Teen Harrison County and Miss Teen Mississippi.

“I would have never thought I would be competing in pageants,” she said. “They are a great way to make friends and help build job related qualities. You learn to step out of your comfort zone and be a role model for all little girls looking up to you. There are a ton of responsibilities that come with being a titleholder. You must uphold the title with beauty and grace. You do community service and advocate for your platform.”

“While in college, HAVE FUN! College years go by so fast and in a blink of an eye you’re graduating and starting your life. But make sure you take time to study, because your GPA could cost you thousands in college… LITERALLY!”

A sophomore at MGCCC’s Perkinston Campus, Kimber said she chose MGCCC because of the articulation agreement the college has with various universities. “I decided to attend MGCCC because of their bridge program,” she said. “I am getting my basics at MGCCC then transferring to major in business administration.”

Serving as pageant winner keeps her busy and she is always traveling around the U.S. in her official title. Because of that, most of her classes at MGCCC are online. “That’s the great thing about MGCCC, though,” she said. “I’m able to schedule classes to fit my needs. And because I can participate in the pageants, I have great scholarships that will pay for most of my college education both here at MGCC and later at the university.”

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“Having the opportunity to work at MGCCC’s Estuarine Education Center has been awesome for me. I love the EEC and the Jackson County Campus. I feel lucky that I have a place like this so close to where I live where I can come and enjoy nature.”

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