Jacob Scott

The past two years at MGCCC have been excellent.  Traveling to Kansas with the Band of Gold to support the football team at the national championship game, the incredible people I’ve met at Gulf Coast, both instructors and fellow students, and the fast friends I’ve made have all made my college journey an awesome experience.  I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for all of us!

Jacob Scott has always had a passion for music and for good reason.  His family has always been devoted to music, with his twin sister playing the flute and his mother playing the piano.

“Music has played a big part in my life,” he said.  “My mother always encouraged us to try a variety of instruments.”

He was a percussionist in high school, but discovered his love of conducting during those years and decided to try out for drum major at MGCCC.  “I knew by my junior year that I wanted to be a part of the Band of Gold.  Every time I watched the band perform, I was captivated.  The quality of the band and the intense energy of their shows may my decision about where to attend college very easy.”

Once he completes his associate’s degree at Gulf Coast, Scott said he plans to transfer to William Carey University and major in Business and Marketing.  “My sister is already at school at WCU, so we will be back together after this year.  As twins, we remain very close, so it will be nice to be back at the same school.”

He said the highlight of his time at Gulf Coast has been going to the national championship football game in Kansas and watching the Bulldogs win.  “That is just not an experience any of us will forget,” he said.  “I’m so glad that the school permitted us to go and support our football team at the game.  It was an incredible experience.”

As for the upcoming season, Scott said he is ready. “This is the second year that I will serve as head drum major and I’m very humbled that our band directors have allowed me to do this,” he said.  “The Band of Gold is more than a music program.  We are a family and every year I’ve been in the program has been better than the last, I’m excited to get back to making music and seeing my Band of Gold family.  It is truly the place to be!”

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