Quentin Boccaleri

An Eagle Scout, nature lover, reader, writer and volunteer, Boccaleri also works on campus as the vice president of the Student Government Association and the Campus Activities Board.

“One of our big projects for SGA has been creating and maintaining a food pantry for students in need,” he said.  “People are always a little surprised to discover that hunger is a real issue in America and that it’s a problem even here at home.”

Off campus, he volunteers to clean hiking trails and builds birdhouses for Mississippi Land Trust.  His hobbies include camping and hiking.

During his free time he attends classes at the Jefferson Davis Campus.  A sophomore, he plans to attend Mississippi State University next year and major in forestry.

“I love the outdoors and I’m concerned about the environment,” he said.  “We have such beautiful natural scenery in Mississippi and I want us to keep it that way.”

One of his avid interests is renewable resources.  “I love researching about ways that we can make the world a better place.  Renewable resources are a hot-item topic now and they really can make a difference to our planet.”

An only child, Quentin said his passion for the outdoors really started when he was 11.  A Boy Scout representative spoke at his school and he decided to join.  “I never looked back,” he said.  “I feel in love with everything outdoors and discovered my enthusiasm for maintaining and improving our forests.  I quickly decided that I want to work for the National Forest Service.”

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