Samuel Malone, of Toledo, Ohio, is a student in the Electronics Technology program at the Jackson County Campus.  A Navy reserve veteran who served 11 years in the Seabees, he moved to the Coast for training and met his wife, Beverly, an Army veteran. The couple decided to stay in Gulfport after she left the military.  Samuel is still in the reserves.

It’s been so much fun learning about the area here in South Mississippi and taking classes at MGCCC.  I cannot say enough about the outstanding electronics program at the JC Campus and about our instructors.  I’ve learned more than I ever knew I didn’t know about electronics and look forward to starting a career in that field soon.

A heavy-equipment (construction) mechanic in the Navy, Malone also learned about working on generators during his last deployment in West Africa. He discovered he liked working on electrical systems, so when he returned home, he began looking for similar work.

“What I learned at that time was that there was still a whole lot about electrical work that I didn’t know,” he said.  “Determined to begin a career in that area, I started taking classes at MGCCC.  I’ve really enjoyed the program and have learned so much more than I ever thought I would.”

Malone said he truly loved his time in the military because during his multiple deployments, he was able to learn about different cultures.  “When we were in Africa, there was this one time when we stayed in a very small village just living among the locals.  We ate their food, shopped in their markets and really got to know the people there.  That was probably the best experience I had because I really got to know people from a very different culture.”

He said he plans to continue traveling, which is one of the positive aspects of remaining in the reserves.  “I want to see the world, and there’s a lot more of it out there to explore. And since photography is one of my hobbies, travel gives me lots of opportunities to get that perfect shot.”


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