Lauren Brown

My instructors, H. L. Ivey and David Eubanks, were very supportive of my enrolling in the program and have encouraged me to succeed.  Because of them, I’m able to do quality work, and I’m grateful to them for that.  We stay in touch, and they check on my progress even now that I’ve completed the program.

Lauren Brown has always loved the outdoors and working with her hands.  Even growing up, she spent more time outside with her animals, fishing, exploring, climbing trees and building things.

“I was never a ‘Barbie girl,’” she said.  “Dresses were for special occasions only. I was always outside and dressed accordingly.  In fact, my mom bought clothes for our dogs so I could dress them up instead because she knew I just wasn’t going to dress up myself.”

After operating her own pet grooming business for four years, she decided she needed a change. “I loved the line of work, but it didn’t pay the bills.  I had to work other jobs along with that to make the ends meet.  At that point, I decided to research vocational trades. When I learned that MGCCC offered a lineman program, I never imagined that I would choose this career, but after checking into it, I just knew that it was the kind of work that I would love.  I’m so glad that I chose this career!

In her spare time – she only works four days a week – Brown volunteers at the Jackson County and George County animal shelters and volunteers for programs to feed the homeless.  She also helps with the annual Fishing for Trash event on the West Pascagoula River.

“I enjoy helping people and animals,” she said. “Doing utility work is the kind of job that pays well, is in demand and also allows me to continue helping others.  In fact, we are most often working in areas where there has been storm damage and are getting people’s electricity on so they can get on with their lives. That makes me feel good.”

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The past two years at MGCCC have been excellent. Traveling to Kansas with the Band of Gold to support the football team at the national championship game, the incredible people I’ve met at Gulf Coast, both instructors and fellow students, and the fast friends I’ve made have all made my college journey an awesome experience. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for all of us!

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