Jade Wheeler

Currently working in the President’s Office as a student worker, she helps with events, mail-outs and a variety of other activities. “I get to be on the inside of what makes the office work,” she said.  “The college president is like the CEO of a big company and I’m working right there, getting experience in what it takes to work in that environment.”

Wheeler is very involved in campus organizations. She is a member of the campus Phi Beta Lambda chapter.  Beside winning at the state and national level, she also serves as the state secretary/treasurer for PBL.

“There are so many things that students can gain from belonging to a professional organization like PBL,” she said.  “The conferences offer opportunities for networking with business leaders, it helps you become more confident, teaches real-world lessons in interview techniques, preparing presentations and how to be more polished and professional. They offer workshops in a variety of business-related topics and competitions allow students to hone their skills in a variety of areas with critiques from business and industry leaders.”

When not in class, Jade can be seen all over campus.  She stays busy doing things like serving on the Campus Activities Board and as a crew member for the Perk Players’ fall production of “Wicked Wonderland II: The Monster Monologues.”

“I like being involved in my community,” she said. “It makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger than myself and really allows me to have the best college experience.  College should be about new experiences and meeting new people. Finding organizations and clubs to be involved in is a great way to accomplish that.”

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