Taylor Sergeant

Taylor Sergeant is the mother of two children who are less than a year apart, a wife, full-time nursing student and works at a local hospital. Between shuttling her children to the Childcare Center at the Jefferson Davis Campus, her nursing classes at the Bryant Center and other obligations, she also manages to sing in choir and paint.

“Those hobbies really don’t happen as much as I’d like them to right now,” she said. “My children are still very young – Lucy is 2 and a half and Poppy (the family’s nickname for her son) is 16 months. They pretty much require any time I have available outside school.”

Former elementary education teachers, Taylor and her husband, Glenn, live in Bay St. Louis. He now works at a major restaurant chain while she is in college. “He is pretty much having to do the heavy lifting right now while I’m in college. I’m hoping to pay him back eventually.”

Right now, she plans to continue her education and eventually get a master’s degree in midwifery. She wants to work in a hospital setting and work with women before and during childbirth. “When I was in the hospital with my daughter, I decided that this was a job I would really like.Elementary education was not really where I wanted to be as far as my long-term career. I’m happy I made the switch.”

Eventually, she hopes to be a travel nurse. “I’d love to pay my husband back for all his hard work by having him travel with me, especially while the kids are in the lower grades in school. I think we would all really enjoy it.”

“Having an affordable child care facility on campus where I know my children are getting great care and educational experiences is so valuable to me as a parent. I don’t have to worry about them while in class.”

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