portrait of Kelonda Terry

I discovered my college family when I started at Gulf Coast.  I have met the best people – fellow students, awesome instructors and college staff.  They have made me feel at home, have supported me as I work toward my personal goals of managing my own business and brand.

Kelonda Terry, a certified veterinary technician, started classes at Gulf Coast on the advice of a friend, Bobbie Glass, who just happens to work at the college.  She plans to manage her own business and brand and knew that choosing the right college was important.

“MGCCC has been the perfect fit for what I needed,” she said.  “My instructors are outstanding, and they have pushed me and challenged me to be a better student and to be more focused on my goals.  Dr. Alston has especially been a mentor to me.  She is just an incredible instructor and individual.”

In her Entrepreneurial Problem-Solving class, Terry set up a mock budget for her online business.  She plans to launch a line of wellness and beauty products and expand to a wide variety of items for the inside and outside of the individual.

“I plan to start with skin care and hair care products and expand into some unusual things like holistic remedies, spiritual candles and crystals,” she said.  “Of course, I’ll begin working on my bachelor’s degree in 2021, so my plan is not completely fleshed out yet.”

Originally from Jackson, Terry said she fell in love with the Coast and wanted to move to the area for years.  When she did move, she began working as a veterinary technician.  “I’ve worked at the clinic for almost two years, and I’ve loved every minute of it.  I’m a real animal person, anyway, so it suits me.  Animals are easy to love.  I also want to do something that helps people find their best selves.  That’s where I came up with the idea for my business.”

Terry won first place in both Job Interview and Management Concepts at the 2020 Mississippi Phi Beta Lambda Leadership Conference in February and will represent the college at the national competitions during the summer.  “Participating in the competitions and winning has been an incredible experience for me,” she said.  “I’m thrilled to have had these opportunities.  Getting involved in student organizations is so important, especially for business majors because they provide an outlet to connect with individuals in similar majors and allow you to showcase your talents and participate in leadership roles.  They give you the opportunity to find out what you are good at and to hone your skills.”

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